Boat Pinstripes, Boot Stripes, Boat Names and Boat Rego Labels Applied in Sydney

Four Winns with Red and Silver Pinstripe and Boot Stripe

One stop for Marine Pinstripes / Boot Stripes / Boat Names / Registration (Rego) Numbers

Getting us to source and install a pinstripe or boot stripe on you boat is very simple.   Need your boat name printed out and applied as well, or your boat registration (rego) numbers put on?  No problem.  


  1. Select your pinstripe colour here, or contact us for more options.  Let us know what colour you would like your boat name to be.   Your rego numbers need to be contrasting to your boat colour. 
  2. Contact us on 1300 768 900 to place your order or message us here
  3. We come out and install your pinstripe / boat name / rego numbers anywhere around Sydney.  The application can even be done with the boat in the water, except for the boot stipe along the waterline.  



Ready to get your new pinstripe or labels installed?

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