How to Get A Synthetic Teak Deck

How to Get a Synthetic Teak Deck  

One of the beautiful things about Nuteak is that due to it’s tongue-and-groove technology, it is possible to complete an install yourself if you are handy with tools.   However, if you want ,we can also assemble to a template, or complete the whole install for you.



  • #1 DIY Install - Purchase the Product Only


      1. You can purchase just the Nuteak product and assembly and lay it yourself.   We will provide you with some written instructions, and there is a video and instructions HERE showing you basics of how an install is complete.   This option is recommended only for people who have suitable tools, and have experience with measuring, cutting and laying flooring.
        You can access our online store to purchase the product, or to request a sample below

Click on the sample below to get a Nuteak sample sent directly to you anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific. 


  • #2 - Have us Assemble to a Template


      1. If you are local to one of our centres, we can take a template for you.   Alternatively, you can send us a template and we will assemble your Nuteak deck to that template for you or your local shipwright to install.   Contact us or visit our store  HERE for template material.
        Also, you can find instructions here on how to make a synthetic teak template


  • #3 - Have us, or one of our Approved Nuteak Installers Assemble and Install


    1. The least work for you…  Have us come to your boat, take a template, assemble the teck, and lay and finish the synthetic teak deck for you.  
      Click to see a list of our Nuteak Approved Installers.  
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