Nautikflor Interior Marine Flooring

NautikFlor Waterproof Marine Flooring

World first waterproof clip-together marine flooring

Patented Clip-Together System

allows for fast and efficient installation

Several Colour Choices Available

Teak and Holly

Teak and Black

American Cherry and Holly

American Cherry and Black



Beautiful Timber Look - Hard Wearing - Non Slip

Make the interior of your boat, restaurant or marine office look the part, with a hard-wearing marine floor

Great for Boat Brokerage, Marina Offices and Restaurants

Have your custom Logo or design printed into the deck


NautikFlor Marine Flooring_Custom Logos


Quick Install

The patented locking clip-together technology allows for fast installation saving you labour costs and allows the system to be installed as a floating or glue-down floor. 

Each board is 1.2m long by 0.2m wide making a total of 0.25 square meters per board.   Total thickness is 5.5mm which includes 1mm of insulating foam on the underside. 

NautikFlor Marine Flooring in Boat Brokerage2
NautikFlor Marine Flooring_Yacht semi exterior3


Made from lightweight, waterproof marine grade PVC, you can leave this floor in water all day, and unlike a laminate  or real timber floor, it will not swell, discolour or rot. 

Anti-Skid Surface

Real timber texture makes the surface anti-skid

NautikFlor Marine Flooring6
NautikFlor Marine Flooring_Yacht semi exterior2

Easy to clean

Nautikflor resists stains, odours and mould making it easy to clean...far easier than a marine carpet. 

Real timber nautical look

Nautikflor is a beautiful simulation of real textured timber, just without the maintenance and hassle.

NautikFlor Marine Flooring5
NautikFlor Marine Flooring_Cruise Ship10

UV and Scratch damage resistant

The surface is a hard UV protected clear, that meets Class "B" BFL, R10 and AC5 abrasion certifications 

Multiple Applications

Anywhere you need a waterproof nautical-look flooring NautikFlor is your answer.   

While developed for use on interior ship and boat floors, NautikFlor quickly was snapped up for use in boat brokerage offices, bars, verandahs and patios, marina offices, boat yard offices and the like. 

NautikFlor Marine Flooring_Cruise Ship4
NautikFlor Marine Flooring_Custom Logos

Custom Logos and Compass Rose

One very unique feature of NautikFlor is the ability for us to have your company logo, boat name or any other graphical creation such as a compass rose digitally printed into your new floor. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for cruise vessels through to marina offices to proudly display their logo in what looks like a high-cost timber inlay pattern on the floor. 



NautikFlor is sold by the square meter, and is $198 per square meter including GST. 

Please click on the image to the right to select your preferred colour choice and purchase. 

Contact us for more information or a quote for installation

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