Synthetic Teak FAQs

Synthetic Teak FAQs



Does Nuteak stain from wine, fish blood or octopus ink?

No, Nuteak does not stain from these.   Please see our video to the right that shows us testing Nuteak for resistance to staining, chemicals, heat and impact.


Will my Nuteak synthetic teak deck get lighter or darker over time?

Nuteak has been carefully UV stabilised to prevent discolouration over time.   To the right is a high-quality synthetic deck that was 13 years old at the time of the photo.   With a bit of a sand, the deck came back immediately to it's original colour. 


Sun damage to Flexiteek deck #3

What do I have to do to maintain a synthetic teak deck?

This is the beauty of a Nuteak synthetic teak deck, it is maintenance free!  That means no sanding or oiling!  You can just wash the deck down with soap and water, or even a pressure washer.


Nuteak Synthetic Teak Deck on Swanson 50 Yacht

Is Nuteak easy to assemble and install?

This really depends on your experience.   See a video here showing how Nuteak is assembled and installed



How are borders on the deck created, and corners?

There are a couple of ways to do these.   The most common way is to use the Nuteak Border product and mitre the corners.   A 5mm square caulking insert can be placed in the join to make it look even more natural, or the join can be just sanded, which makes it invisible if done well.   We also have a product called King Plank, which is 125mm wide, and this can be used for creating very even curves. 


Can I get a sample?

Yes, we are happy to send you out a sample.   Please click here to order a sample of the material of your choice.

Want a Nuteak Sample sent to you?

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