Vinyl Boat Wraps

Why Vinyl Wrap?

Design Options
Your imagination is the limit, with various finishes including textures, gloss, matte, carbon fibre, brushed metal.
Cost Savings
A Vinyl Boat Wrap is generally 1/3 the cost of a professional respray of your boat.
Easy Maintenance
A Vinyl Boat Wrap is easy to care for and maintain. A regular PH neutral boat wash is suitable.
Vinyl boat wrapping with Innovative Marine Coatings does not require toxic chemicals or solvents, and is eco-friendly.
Easy Repair
One concern people often have about wraps is what happens when it gets damaged? You will be pleased to know that marine vinyl repairs are so easy, you can do them yourself…or we are able to provide a repair service.
Time Savings
You will find that a marine vinyl boat wraps is amazingly fast, with most medium size yachts and boats being able to be completed in approximately 2 days, depending on options.
We use premium high-quality 3M Vinyl Wrap films which come with up to 7 years life expectancy…as long as a marine paint!

Why would you wrap your boat instead of paint?

Why would you wrap your boat instead of paint?

How a marine vinyl boat wrap is completed?

Applying boat vinyl wrap is a very special service, and requires extra precautions and expertise to ensure that your vinyl wrap lasts and lasts.


We ensure prior to a boat vinyl wrap, that the surface to be applied to (hull or cabin) is thoroughly cleaned and prepared with an Isopropyl Alcohol. If there are gouges in the gelcoat, these can be filled and sanded prior to installation at extra cost.

In order to get high adhesion, the preparation of the gelcoat, aluminium or marine paint is a very important step in the process.


Due to the environment that boats experience, we like to take extra precaution and apply a quality 3M primer to surfaces that could benefit from extra adhesion, such as along the waterline, near edges or in concave areas where the film was placed under tension.


This is where the transformation of your yacht takes place before your eyes. After knifeless tape is laid, and the job has been planned to ensure that joins are minimised, the vinyl is laid out, the backing paper removed, the vinyl placed and then applied onto the surface of the vessel, giving the effect of a boat respray, or even providing long-lasting boat graphics.

That's what it takes to get boat vinyl wrap applied & last for years!


Why vinyl wrap for boats - respray alternative?

Why would you wrap your boat instead of paint?

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