3M Vinyl Boat Wrap Completed On Cobalt

Boat Vinyl Wrap by 3M (metallic black and sunflower yellow colors) were used to transform faded blue and yellow gelcoat on Cobalt.

UV rays are gelcoat boats’ kryptonite. Left exposed to the sun for most of the year the wax protection on gelcoat boats will deteriorate causing the gelcoat to oxidize within a few months of application. This Cobalt boat was no exception. Its vibrant blue and yellow colours were not only damaged but also faded making it unappealing to the eye.

It’s brave to pick such bold colours in the form of gelcoat for one’s boat with the huge risk of discoloration. However with this customer’s choice of 3M Metallic Black and Sunflower Yellow in Vinyl Boat Wrap, there is no risk of oxidization making this application inexpensive and worthwhile. This leaves this customer’s boat a popular stand out with bold personality at the Marina for years ahead.

The question of “What colour should I put on my boat?” brings a limitless answer with the application of Vinyl Boat Wrap. Boat owners no longer have to choose the safe option of the colour white in fear of bolder colours fading.

Our Innovative Marine Coatings team took less than two days to transform this boat into the beauty she is now. IMC can install Vinyl Boat Wrap in the form of custom graphics, stripes and rego numbers on your boat, adding personality and distinctive style to your pride and joy.

Call us on 1300 768 900 today or email us to find out how you can avoid an expensive respray and get a stand out look for you boat.

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  1. Garry Crase

    I have a 2006 golf caravan. It has some jelcoat fading issues,surface is oxidising as well and I have tried all types of polishes th bring back the finish to no avail.I am intrested vinal raping the affected areas. Could you please give me some infomation regarding vinal raping costs colour range etc. Thanks.

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