3M DI-NOC Vinyl Used to Renovate Marine Interior

3M DI-NOC vinyl used to renovate marine interior

Have you been looking for a way to renovate your boat interior?  A way to change the look of your fittings and furniture without the downtime and expense of a major re-fit?

We use 3M DI-NOC Interior Films for the highest quality marine interior refinishing.

As you can see in this short video, we can take an out-of-fashion yacht interior and in a short amount of time, give it a complete new modern look.

If you are wondering about damage, don’t worry….DI-NOC is especially made for this application, and if severe damage was to happen, it is repairable…just like if your furniture didn’t have a vinyl wrap.  In fact, your vinyl wrap is protecting your interior fittings from the most common damage, ensuring that you are able to maintain a higher re-sale value if you ever choose to part with your boat.


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