4 Simple Boat Window Tinting Advantages Every Boat Owner Should Know

Boat window tinting is a popular topic among boat owners. The team at Innovative Marine Coatings thought we would take some time out to share some of the benefits we have noticed when we tint boat windows for our customers.

1. UV Radiation Control

Water, as you boaties well know, reflects the sunlight causing glare which increases visual discomfort. Getting a proper tinted boat windshield, for instance, will not only increase visibility, but will also deflect those harmful UV rays and help protect your interior materials (e.g. vinyl or upholstery) from fading or being damaged by direct sun rays. Just think of the facts: proper boat window tinting will lengthen the life of your interior upholstery, furnishings as marine tinting can reduce fading by 40-75% depending on the film! Not a bad investment.


2. Comfort

It’s a common fact that window tinting also helps to decrease heating (temperature or heat control) in automobiles. Same refers to boats! With no tinting, no covered or shadowed areas, you might feel the heat quicker while driving a boat but more when stationary in harbour or at anchor with limited wind movement.  The cabin turns into a greenhouse.

Protection we can provide you with by installing marine window tint will reduce heat and cut down temperature inside.


3. Privacy

Boat window tinting can greatly increase your privacy, especially with mirror tints.   You can see outside in privacy.

4. Safety Matters

If you do have glass, marine tinting also contributes to window safety.  When glass shatters it helps to hold the glass in place, eventually reducing the pieces of sharp glass which normally appear with window breakage.


Boat window tinting is beneficial to the life and comfort of your boat.

Some rules and regulations do apply to tinting boat windows.   It depends on local state regulations.  For commercial vessels, there is some information here:   AMSA website

Ready to install a window tint on your boat?

If you are ready to learn more about our marine window tinting services – please go ahead and contact us.


  1. Derek Anderson

    Can I send some photos to get an idea of pricing?

    1. Hi Derek,

      Absolutely. We will try to quote off photos. I may need to measure and inspect the boat to give an accurate coating.

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