50ft Racing Yacht gets a Vinyl Boat Wrap in Sydney

Vinyl Boat Wrap of a 50ft Sydney to Hobart Yacht with Sponsor Branding

New vinyl boat wrap has been used by us to rebrand this 50ft racing yacht known as “Funnelweb” to “Climate Action Now”.

The design includes a post-it-note section 7m back on each side of the bows that contain notes from international supporters of the climate change awareness campaign being run by the owner and skipper, Lisa Blair.

Lisa circumnavigated the world in the 2011-12 Clipper Round the world Yacht Race and sailing in the ITL Solo Tasman Challenge from New Zealand to Australia.

After completing the Sydney to Hobart race, Lisa is setting out to become the first female to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted.  Lisa will become the third person in history toachieve such a challenge.

Find out more about Lisa’s campaign at Lisa Blair Sails the World
Vinyl Yacht Wrap 50ft Climate Action Now122
The vinyl wrap took place with the yacht in the water, thanks to the ability to lean the boat over with the internal water ballast tanks.  Over the course of two days, the yellow hull has got a new look!    The corporate branding on the back includes a note by us of course…just to let you know who made the boat look so stunning! 🙂
Vinyl Yacht Wrap 50ft Climate Action Now133

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