7 Reasons to Install Synthetic Teak Decking on Your Boat

Synthetic teak decking is the innovative solution that would help you save thousands and avoid unnecessary maintenance efforts which could become a hassle if you go for natural teak decking.

Here at Innovative Marine Coatings we have many clients that ask us to help them with their boat flooring, so we just decided to align the reasons why people go for vinyl wood flooring instead of natural teak.

1. Exceptionally Realistic

Many customers have ordered synthetic teak decking samples from us, and proved they look just like the real teak, for example, traditional timber teak. Plus, today’s synthetic teak industry have gone much forward allowing to replicate the look of a classic teak wood deck. Check out real-life synthetic teak cases
img_0849-1.jpg  IMG_9022

2. No Unnecessary Installation Expenses

Timber teak we’ve mentioned before is getting harder & harder to get, not even mentioning its installation costs. Besides, it’s a very complicated process which requires way a lot of time and dedication, besides the application process timing is long as well, which cannot be an option for, for example, yacht charter companies for whom time really matters.

If you go for boat laminate flooring – trust us, you will forget about spending much time & money on installation-only expenses.

3. Upkeep Costs

Exactly! Do not forget that you will need to continuosly invest into your traditional (natural) boat flooring if you go with it. You would like it to look great all the time, don’t you?

However, there’s always a common sense. And it has been proved a dozen of times that going with synthetic teak decking saves you a bunch of money on upkeep costs. In fact, it’s maintenance free which means that you don’t have to sand or oil it to keep it looking good. Better save time for things that really matter!

Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat42

4. Full UV Stabilization & Heat Resistance

Some of our customers asked us: «Hey! I’m really afraid about this boat flooring option fade prematurely through the intense sun heat». No worries, ladies & gentlemen! The material we use for synthetic teak decking, regardless of its colour uses a wide range of UV stabilised PVC to make sure that unlike real teak wood it won’t get damaged by sun rays or sun heat.

To add more here, this boat flooring material is also chemicals resistant. Watch how we tested NuTeak synthetic teak

Synthetic Teak Decking with Nuteak_106

5. No Liquids Stress

The headache of practically all boat owners – is when you spill wine, oil, sauce or even fish blood on your boat flooring. Messy. A lot of troubles with cleaning it. Time-consuming. Irritating. We know that feeling.

Our vinyl wood flooring solution is stain resistant to those liquids. So, when you have synthetic teak installed – you can forget about worrying about flooring even if your drunk friend spills wine or other drink on it. Well, we hope he/she doesn’t, but who knows?

Any spills with this material can be cleaned up in a matter of time.

6. Forget about Slippery Flooring

Yes, and this can be a dangerous thing too. Slipping, falling and getting an injury. Sounds like a bad idea. So, why endangering yourself, your guests, or even your kids? How about installing synthetic teak decking and forgetting about that slippery stuff? Plus, vinyl wood flooring is an ideal option for your swim platform. So, it’s really easy – install and enjoy!

7. Eco-friendly

The material we use here at Innovative Marine Coatings for boat flooring is 100% recyclable. Plus, traditional real teak wood certainly involves wood which contributes to wide scale deforestation. Not really responsible, does it? Going with synthetic boat flooring you just forget about that stuff and go green, which is, of course, a pleasant bonus.

So, installing synthetic teak decking on your boat gives you a whole bunch of advantages and ensures you’re getting 100% satisfaction from being a proud boat owner. Plus, you save on unnecessary expenses and go with solutions that don’t break the bank!

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  1. Justin

    Hi I was wondering how much a square meter your flooring is I’m after about 5 sq meters. And what glue you use.

    1. Hi Justin
      The Nuteak material is $330 per square meter including GST. We use Fix3 glue which is specifically made for the job, or a Bostik adhesive sealant.

  2. Rizwan

    Hi, Are there different shades available? Will I be able to DIY?

    1. Hi. There is either white line or black line available. The teak remains the same colour. Yes you can DIY install Nuteak.

  3. Rhoni Hazelwood

    Hi there, is there a warranty on your product and if the flooring needs to come up or needs replacing will the glue ruin the floor underneath?

    1. Hi Rhoni
      Thanks for your message. Yes, there is a 20 year conditional warranty for non commercial use. Yes, it is permanently glued down so if you pull it up there will be glue left behind.

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