Race Yacht Vinyl Wrap

Race Yacht Vinyl Wrap of Stunning Cookson 40!


BOAT MAKE / MODEL Cookson 40
LOCATION Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
EXISTING SUBSTRATE Fibreglass with two-pack paint
NEW COLOUR(S) Gloss Anthracite G201
TIME TAKEN 1.5 days

This week the Innovative Marine Coatings team in Sydney completed a full colour change! Applied to a Cookson 40 race yacht. We used a 3M 1080 G201 Gloss Anthracite vinyl hull wrap.

Rather than painting, the owner instead chose a vinyl wrap and soon to have some pretty cool artwork applied!

Also, check out this short time lapse video of the vinyl hull wrap in progress:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNXM1ca9DP4?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


Are You Thinking of Getting A Race Yacht Vinyl Wrap?

Here at Innovative Marine Coatings, we take great pride in what we do. We’re extremely passionate about marine assets.

Our team use only the best materials to wrap your boat and treat it as if it were our own. Innovative Marine Coatings apply your wrap with the utmost care and precision.

We understand that one of the best ways to ensure the life of your wrap is through the angle of application – we make sure that your vinyl wrap is lovingly and precisely applied.

Our team are professionally trained. We understand the ins and outs of applying vinyl wraps to boats of all shapes and sizes.

We have a very fast turn around time and can complete your wrap within a few days, depending on the size of your beauty!

Due to the benefits and features of choosing a vinyl wrap, many boat owners are also now opting to get a vinyl wrap. We are incredibly excited to be able to help you.

The cost of a vinyl wrap is nearly a third of a new paint job. We use completely non-toxic materials that are safe for the environment. However, they’re strong and resilient enough to withstand a climate as harsh as Australia. So, it really is an absolute no-brainer as to why boat owners everywhere are making the choice to get it wrapped!

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6ntfxjxjhs?rel=0&w=560&h=315]



This week the IMC team conducted a preparation and vinyl wrap on a Sea Ray 260 in Kirrawee for one of our customers.

The boat had faded blue gelcoat, especially on the port side where it had obviously had most exposure to the sun and UV.   This is pretty common with coloured gelcoats that as they oxidise they appear faded.  Often they look perfect when they are wet with water, but us soon as they dry the white spotting and oxidation becomes apparent again.

One way to combat this is to conduct a heavy cut often with a 1200 grit sanding, then polish out the sand marks and finish with a coating sealer such as a wax to seal the surface which doesn’t last very long in the sun, or better yet get us to apply a marine ceramic boat coating which seals the surface and makes it easier to clean.

In this case however, the customer went for the premium and longest-life option which was to have us

  1. Repair the damage including nicks and knocks on the hull
  2. Remove the old vinyl decals and signage
  3. Wrap the hull in vinyl (very similar effect to repainting)
  4. Reinstall the signage

For information about getting your boat looking new, easier to maintain, eliminating cut and polishing, and easier to clean, please have a look at our main vinyl boat wrap page here

For a quote to vinyl wrap your boat please contact us for a vinyl boat wrap quote or call 1300 768 900


Before the vinyl wrap


Sydney Boat Sponsor Logos

Syndey Harbour Luxe Charters is a high-quality charter company that approached us to arrange something special for their customer Capral Aluminium.

The IMC team sourced the correct coloured vinyl and in a short timespan before the charter managed to get the promotional corporate signage on the side ready for the Sydney harbour cruise to be admired by many.

Contact us to arrange corporate vinyl signage on your boat or racing yacht.

Call us on 1300 768 900 or enquiries@imcoating.com

Sydney charter boat external corporate promotional signage6Sydney charter boat external corporate promotional signage7Sydney charter boat external corporate promotional signage20Sydney charter boat external corporate promotional signage11

Everything that is black in these photos used to be red!

The IMC team has conducted a massive interior redesign on a Sydney based superyacht using 3M vinyl.

Costing less than 1/2 what the quote was to paint the sections, the team has vinyl wrapped all the red trims in a 3M durable satin black 1080 film.

Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht1Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht3Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht4Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht5Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht6Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht7Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht9Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht12Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht14Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht15Interior Design Vinyl Wrap Superyacht17

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Recent marine vinyl wrap work by the IMC team right here in Sydney!

Prometheus, a 77ft Warren Supernova charter vessel, one of the fleet of Sydney VIP Boat Charters, got it’s hull wrapped in 3M 1080 Gloss Black, including the radar and satelite domes and around the swim platorm with a gloss white name and registration numbers.

The wrap was completed at White Bay 6 Marine Park, with the vinyl wrap joins hidden into the chines on the hull making it look like a seemless respray paint job, but without the expense and downtime.


Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3MVinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M3Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M4

Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M14Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M6Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M10Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M7Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M9Vinyl Hull Wrap of Prometheus 1080 Gloss Black 3M12

Contact us to find out how to avoid an expensive boat repray and avoid cutting and polishing with a vinyl boat wrap today!

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Custom exterior Nuteak Decking and interior NautikFlor done on a Protector RIB for Logix

What a cool boat!

We just launched our new website specifically to answer your questions around vinyl boat wraps in a way that is easy on the eye.

Why did we do this? Specifically so you as a customer could find information specifically around our boat wrapping solutions in an easy to read format.

Check it out:

Chalk and cheese!

This boat at Clontarf Marina had a severely oxidised gelcoat transom due to facing south and having the sun constantly beating on the transom all day.

The IMC team came to the reacue by conducting a vinyl wrap using 3M 1080 Boat Blue vinyl to jot only protect what was leaft ofnthe gelcoat, but to make it look good againand bring it back to the original colour.

With a new graphic boat name printed and placed on the stern, this beautiful boat is ready to continue to impress.

Before the wrap


After the vinyl wrap on the hull transom using 3M Boat Blue vinyl with a new boat name printed

To enquire about having your boat hull or superstructure vinyl wrapped to save you the cost of an expensive boat respray, contact us on
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Recently one of our customers purchased some CFLOR American Cherry and Holly interior marine flooring to perform a DIY installation on his motor yacht.

After calling up to say the first phase of the installation had gone well, and could he order some more, the customer kindly send us through this photo of his handywork…one of the best CFLOR installations that we have ever seen!

Congratulations on a beautiful new synthetic CFLOR boat floor that is waterproof and extreamly realistic in a stunning Princess P65.

CFLOR interior marine boat floor on Princess P65

CFLOR interior marine boat floor on Princess P65

Interested to know more about NautikFlor?

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More works involving marine flooring and decking


SeaDek is an innovative foam decking system suitable for a wide range of boats including fishing boats, wake boats, racing yachts and pleasure boats.



The IMC team recently installed the SeaDek foam decking system in Storm Grey.

Rather than go to the cost of having the deck CNC router cut, the team made a template then cut the deck out and finished it off by hand prior to checking and installing.

SeaDek lends itself to a quick and painless installation as it has an adhesive backing, so once the deck is cut to size, installation takes place by simply positioning the deck, peeling off the backing paper and installing.   SeaDek has some great videos showing how this is done.


SeaDek installation on Carribean 23 Fishing Boat in Sydney


This WildCat had very faded blue gelcoat on the hull. To avoid an expensive respray of the hull, the owner went with a 3M 1080 “Gloss Boat Blue” G127 vinyl wrap.

Check out the transformation in this video as the team gives her a great new look!
Find out more about vinyl boat wraps here


Save yourself a boat respray or roller-tip paint job! See us vinyl wrap the whole hull on a blue Beneteau yacht with faded damaged gel coat back to blue using 3M 1080 “Gloss Boat Blue” G127.

The whole job was completed out of the water at Sydney Harbour Boat Storage at White Bay.

Watch the video here:

Vinyl hull wrap and red pinstripe on this Chris Craft 28 boat in Pittwater, Sydney




The Story

This beautiful Chris Craft 28 needed some help to be beautiful again.   The blue and red gelcoat had faded and oxidised, and brought down the look of the whole boat.   The option of a boat respray was expensive and time consuming.

The Solution

Our team vinyl wrapped the hull in 3M 1080 premium cast “Boat Blue” G127 vinyl, with a Tomato Red vinyl pinstripe.

Timeframe- 1 day!




Testing NautikFlor Marine Boat Flooring for scratch and compression resistance

In this video we answer a couple of questions that often come up as our customers assess whether NautikFlor will work for them on their boat, boat brokerage, marine office, ect:

  1. Does it get damaged with high-heel shoes?
  2. How resistant is is to abrasion and scratching? 

Fair questions!  While high-heels are normally a No No on boats, it turns out that with a NautikFlor interior floor, and a Nuteak synthetic deck, you could actually allow them onboard…if you want to.

And, when things fall off the counter in that unexpected roll and skid across the floor, NautikFlor has shown itself to be pretty tough and resistant to scratching.   More resistant than a normal lacquer marine floor varnish!

If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 768 900 or email us at enquiries@imcoating.com

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Recent work and updates

What are the restrictions for a boat rego number in NSW?

One thing we often get asked is what is allowed for boat rego numbers, how big do they have to be, what fonts are allowed, what colours are allowed, where do they have to be placed on the boat, ect.

Here are the regulations, straight from the RMS NSW website here:  http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/registration/labels-numbers-plate.html


Registration numbers

Registered vessels are assigned a registration number. This number must be displayed at all times on both sides of the hull, in figures at least 150mm high (100mm for Personal Watercraft (PWC) and sailing vessels). Sailing vessels may display their registration number on the transom.

The registration numbers must be displayed in a contrasting colour to the hull, in solid characters (not outlines), in a clear font or style and in upper case, so that they can be clearly identified.

She stole the attention of boat owners on the Sydney Harbour that day. There she was wrapped in 3M Midnight Blue (1080-GP272) colours and she looked stunning. What looked like a life time of work done was recently completed in only two and a half days.

As mentioned before in previous posts, dark gel coat colors are a huge target for UV rays to damage and discolor. This customer made a sound decision to choose an inexpensive and quick wrap job before attempting to restore this gel coat colour.

Take a better look at how the IMC team did in our video at the bottom of this page.

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Vinyl Hull Wrap of Beneteau 50 Yacht





THIS has to be one of our most frequently asked questions by customers.

We know that TLC is an important attribute in caring for a woman. So when caring for our boats we must treat her like a princess and keep her shining like a star!  However, thankfully, vinyl is far easier to take care of!

Surprisingly, vinyl actually greatly reduces the clean up work you need to do on your boat.   Many people who have had a vinyl wrap, including myself, have noticed how we can leave the surfaces unwashed and uncared for, and they seem to just naturally stay clean on their own with the occasional hose-down…unlike the original paint or gel coat that seems to hold dirt very easily.  Like this racing yacht on the right…about 9 months on, the graphics are still glossy, and the owner confirms she doesn’t wax them…that’s just the way the vinyl rolls!

This is helped if you use a high-quality vinyl in the beginning, and also some protecting products, along with cleaning and rejuvenating products when required which are made specifically for vinyl wraps.

Here we have a step by step guide: (click on the sections to expand)

Vinyl Yacht Wrap 50ft Climate Action Now133

How to care for a matte vinyl wrap

Washing Vinyl Wrap

  • This should be done frequently. Never leave it up to the rain. Washing a boat as often as when it looks dirty can keep contaminants from becoming difficult to get off.
  • Wipe off fuel spills immediately! This will prevent deterioration of the vinyl wrap and adhesive.
  • Remove as much dirt and dust as possible with a spray of water.
  • Do not use harsh detergents. Some safe solutions include 3M™ Car Wash Soap 39000 or Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash or Deep Crystal® Car Wash.
  • Do NOT use stiff or hard brushes to scrub vinyl wrap. This can cause the wrap to chip and/or lift. It can also cause discoloration and scratching of the gloss.  
  • Rinse thoroughly with water directly after the use of detergent. Immediately dry with the use of a silicone squeegee and microfiber cloth to prevent water spots.
  • We recommend you finish with a bottle of VViViD SHIELD Post-Wrap Gloss Shield/Enhancer. We provide this to our customers at the end of a vinyl boat wrap. This provides added protection for the vinyl film, much like a polish would for a gelcoat or marine paint. This helps to protect the film from UV and water spotting.

Pressure Washing

We recommend hand washing as the primary method of washing however pressure washing can be done under these measures:

  • Water pressure must be kept under 2000 psi (14MPa)
  • Temperature of water must be kept under 80°C (180°F). 
  • We recommend the use of a spray nozzle with a 40 degree wide angle spray pattern.
  • Spray at a 90° angle and at least 1 foot (300mm) away from vinyl wrap.
  • Keep in mind that spray at an angle toward the edge of vinyl wrap may cause edges to raise.


Difficult Contaminants

  • Do NOT scrub, scrape or use harsh chemicals like Acetone.
  • Use an approved Vinyl cleaner or restorer. See our online shop for products.
  • Here are a list of products that can help:

1. Meguiar’s Gold ClassTM Bug and Tar Remover or

2. 3MTM Citrus Base Cleaner.

3. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) (two parts IPA to 1 part water) or denatured alcohol may also help.

  • Always start by applying cleaner to a small inconspicuous section of the vinyl wrap to be sure no damage will be done.
  • Spot clean only on section with contaminant and rinse off all residue immediately after cleaning.


To restore your vinyl wrap keep in mind the type of product used must work with the type of film used. Do not use abrasive polishes or cutting compounds. Here are a list of film types and the products that work best:

Smooth Gloss Texture – Use VViViD SHIELD Post-Wrap Gloss Shield/Enhancer available in our shop.    You can also use Carnauba waxes. 

Matte or Satin Texture – Isopropyl alcohol and water (2:1 ratio)




Free Download

Download a step by step PDF guide on How To Care For Your Vinyl Boat Wrap.

Download PFD Guide

Thanks to 3M for their great information bulletin on the subject which contributed to this article, and also to the image of Chris Cook explaining how to look after a matte vinyl wrap at their office in Sydney. 

How to repair Synthetic Teak Decking

Cracks, water leakage, sun damage and bubbles; there’s no way these terms are acceptable concerning Synthetic Teak Decks, but when the damage is small and unnoticeable they are easy to ignore until it is too late.

Synthetic Teak Decks are a great way to keep your boat looking real without the headache of tiresome maintenance. Howev over time, an average boat deck experiences a lot of foot traffic as well as UV radiation and heat. Though a Synthetic Teak Deck is very durable and maintenance free, even a quality product like Nuteak or Flexiteek with a good installation can bring small issues with time.

These small and inexpensive issues can become a big expense if left for too long. Minor damage left for too long on a Synthetic Teak Deck can also turn a relaxing time on deck into a day of bumps, bruises and small accidents as the deck turns into a tripping hazard.

Our Innovative Marine Coatings team did a repair for a commercial charter cruise boat in Tasmania. Their Flexiteek deck was over 13 years old and had many minor issues.

Here are some of the damages and an explanation of how easy the repairs were, as they were caught early.

Minor Issues and Simple Repairs

Small cracks in deck joins.

A boat deck much like a house is constantly expanding and contracting based on the weather. This being consistent over years had caused small cracks within the joins of the deck. The repair for this was simple; with the use of a special welding machine, my team

made the cracks look like they were never there with a top-weld.

Deck is lifted with water containment.

Years of wear had taken its toll on this deck; the glue was deteriorating causing the deck to break away and small amounts of water to pool under these sections. To start, we lifted the deck at the points where the water was pooled, we then scraped out the old glue, dried the area and re-bonded the deck down. To finish, the joins were re-welded from the top and trimmed off.

Sun damage to deck.

This deck was smooth, shiny and darker than its original state. Our goal was to bring this deck back to its original color and texture as it was 13 years earlier. This particular Flexiteek deck can be sanded with 40 grit sandpaper. Another popular deck like it, called Nuteak deck, can also be sanded with the same. We prefer a belt sander with a 40 grit belt for the big areas and a hand sander for tight sections. This method quickly removed the top layer of the sun damaged areas. Concerning this particular job we only sanded areas we did repairs on and the crew was to follow up later with a complete sanding.

Please note this is only suitable for a quality PVC deck like Nuteak or Flexiteek.  We have seen first-hand, decks of different material that did not react well to sanding. Always check a small section of your deck before committing to sanding the whole deck.

Bubbles have formed in deck.

While this was not a problem on this deck, we have seen other synthetic teak decks with this problem. This is due to a bubble of air having been left under the deck upon installation. This is a reasonably easy fix if caught early.

  • Make a straight cut with a sharp utility knife all the way through the synthetic teak deck along a caulking line in the centre of the bubble.
  • Ensure the inside of the bubble is dry before squeezing Fixtech Fix3 glue or a similar product into the cavity around the edge of the bubble and moving inward toward the centre of the bubble.
  • Push the deck down evenly from the outside of the bubble moving inwards towards your cut so excess glue will escape out of the cut.
  • Once the bubble is flat wipe off the excess glue and place a piece of 6mm MDF or similar flat material over the area.
  • Place a full bucket of water on the area and allow the glue to set for 2-3 days before removing the bucket.
  • Sand the area with a 40 grit belt to remove excess glue.



Comparison of Synthetic Teak and Real Teak Decking

Comparison of Nuteak Synthetic Teak Decking with Real Teak Timber Decking

A question that comes up with our customers often is “How realistic is Nuteak synthetic teak compared to real teak timber?”.

Nuteak is incredibly realistic, with a rough texture that increases the realism and also non-skid properties.  Often when seeing the deck being installed bystanders are amazed at how real the synthetic teak actually looks.

Here is a photo of a piece of Nuteak laid on top of a normal teak deck in good condition:

Comparison of Synthetic Teak and Real Teak Decking

We have found that if the original teak is sanded, the colour match is incredibly close.   Nuteak aims to be as close to a real teak deck as possible.

The photo below is of Nuteak around a swimming pool here in Sydney, Australia.

Synthetic Teak Deck around Swimming Poo

Nuteak is available in 45mm or 60mm wide planks including the 5mm caulking line.   The most common is the double width plank, which makes assembly quicker, and uses Nuteak’s tongue and groove system to make assembly even easier.

Both white and black caulking line options are available.

Nuteak Synthetic Teak strips

Nuteak white caulking lines synthetic teak

Either if you’re interested in us installing this synthetic teak decking on your boat or installing it on your own – both of Nuteak samples above are available for purchase in our SHOP section.

Find out more about Nuteak here with 7 reasons people consider using a synthetic teak deck.

Still have questions about Synthetic Teak Decking?

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From Marine Carpet to NautikFlor Interior Marine Flooring on this Meridian luxury boat

A Meridian with a marine carpet that was willing to leave, or escape.

This customer came to us looking for a floor that would look great, not smell, be easy to clean, and make the boat look modern again.

Here at Innovative Marine Coatings, out of all synthetic teak decking options, we decided to offer great, durable and genuine quality NautikFlor interior boat flooring.

And here’s the feedback
Customer feedback:  “Angus, was great. A good job quickly no fuss.”

Marine carpet before
Interior Marine Boat Floor Meridian11

The old marine carpet proved tough to remove, with the underlay and carpet being stapled and glued down. To make the job as neat as possible, we removed as much of the furniture as possible.

The Innovative Marine Coatings team then inserted hardwood edges around the hatches to neatly close up the distance created between by the removal of the carpet.

Interior Marine Boat Floor Meridian30

Thankfully, Meridian has a great quality sub-floor being perfectly flat gelcoat.   Once the sub-surface floor was cleaned and prepared, installation of the NautikFlor synthetic internal marine flooring started.

Installation of synthetic teak holly flooring
Interior Marine Boat Floor Meridian34

Once the main flooring sections were fully laid, the edges were carefully trimmed with a router to get a perfect edge and fit.

Marine interior flooring completed

A photo above of the completed boat floor, and below of the boat interior once all the furniture was re-installed.

Interior Marine Boat Floor Meridian62

And as a final touch, we made up a small table for the client using the same flooring material and a marine ply base.

Interior marine table teak holly

To find out how you can escape a marine carpet and enter the wonderful world of a full synthetic teak holly or american cherry interior floor, contact us on

1300 768 900

or email us at


Find out more about NautikFlor, our fully waterproof synthetic PVC nautical look flooring here

Learn more about NautikFlor

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Boat detailing with high gloss coating on yacht

Boat detailing with wax and polish has been replaced

High-gloss coatings for your boat detailing protect your gelcoat or marine paint from UV, last longer (often over 2 years) and make your boat easy to clean. Here at IMC we know that it’s crucial for our clients to keep their boats in excellent condition without breaking the bank.


This finished project proves once again that high-gloss coatings is a very useful and worth installing solution for boat owners.

Flamingo is a beautiful yacht in Sydney that we detailed today right here in Sydney at Woolwich Dock.


First up, some BEFORE photos:



Some photos during the application:




And some AFTER photos:



Click here for more information on our boat detailing solutions using high-gloss coatings.

Getting your boat surface to new isn’t an easy process, but to our mind, it’s more important to combine both quality and price, so that your “renewed” boat does not break the bank.

Here at IMC, we’re really proud of being able to provide top notch services at a very reasonable price and with outstanding quality.

Boat window tinting is a popular topic among boat owners. The team at Innovative Marine Coatings thought we would take some time out to share some of the benefits we have noticed when we tint boat windows for our customers.

1. UV Radiation Control

Water, as you boaties well know, reflects the sunlight causing glare which increases visual discomfort. Getting a proper tinted boat windshield, for instance, will not only increase visibility, but will also deflect those harmful UV rays and help protect your interior materials (e.g. vinyl or upholstery) from fading or being damaged by direct sun rays. Just think of the facts: proper boat window tinting will lengthen the life of your interior upholstery, furnishings as marine tinting can reduce fading by 40-75% depending on the film! Not a bad investment.


2. Comfort

It’s a common fact that window tinting also helps to decrease heating (temperature or heat control) in automobiles. Same refers to boats! With no tinting, no covered or shadowed areas, you might feel the heat quicker while driving a boat but more when stationary in harbour or at anchor with limited wind movement.  The cabin turns into a greenhouse.

Protection we can provide you with by installing marine window tint will reduce heat and cut down temperature inside.


3. Privacy

Boat window tinting can greatly increase your privacy, especially with mirror tints.   You can see outside in privacy.

4. Safety Matters

If you do have glass, marine tinting also contributes to window safety.  When glass shatters it helps to hold the glass in place, eventually reducing the pieces of sharp glass which normally appear with window breakage.


Boat window tinting is beneficial to the life and comfort of your boat.

Some rules and regulations do apply to tinting boat windows.   It depends on local state regulations.  For commercial vessels, there is some information here:   AMSA website

Ready to install a window tint on your boat?

If you are ready to learn more about our marine window tinting services – please go ahead and contact us.

Synthetic teak decking is the innovative solution that would help you save thousands and avoid unnecessary maintenance efforts which could become a hassle if you go for natural teak decking.

Here at Innovative Marine Coatings we have many clients that ask us to help them with their boat flooring, so we just decided to align the reasons why people go for vinyl wood flooring instead of natural teak.

1. Exceptionally Realistic

Many customers have ordered synthetic teak decking samples from us, and proved they look just like the real teak, for example, traditional timber teak. Plus, today’s synthetic teak industry have gone much forward allowing to replicate the look of a classic teak wood deck. Check out real-life synthetic teak cases
img_0849-1.jpg  IMG_9022

2. No Unnecessary Installation Expenses

Timber teak we’ve mentioned before is getting harder & harder to get, not even mentioning its installation costs. Besides, it’s a very complicated process which requires way a lot of time and dedication, besides the application process timing is long as well, which cannot be an option for, for example, yacht charter companies for whom time really matters.

If you go for boat laminate flooring – trust us, you will forget about spending much time & money on installation-only expenses.

3. Upkeep Costs

Exactly! Do not forget that you will need to continuosly invest into your traditional (natural) boat flooring if you go with it. You would like it to look great all the time, don’t you?

However, there’s always a common sense. And it has been proved a dozen of times that going with synthetic teak decking saves you a bunch of money on upkeep costs. In fact, it’s maintenance free which means that you don’t have to sand or oil it to keep it looking good. Better save time for things that really matter!

Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat42

4. Full UV Stabilization & Heat Resistance

Some of our customers asked us: «Hey! I’m really afraid about this boat flooring option fade prematurely through the intense sun heat». No worries, ladies & gentlemen! The material we use for synthetic teak decking, regardless of its colour uses a wide range of UV stabilised PVC to make sure that unlike real teak wood it won’t get damaged by sun rays or sun heat.

To add more here, this boat flooring material is also chemicals resistant. Watch how we tested NuTeak synthetic teak

Synthetic Teak Decking with Nuteak_106

5. No Liquids Stress

The headache of practically all boat owners – is when you spill wine, oil, sauce or even fish blood on your boat flooring. Messy. A lot of troubles with cleaning it. Time-consuming. Irritating. We know that feeling.

Our vinyl wood flooring solution is stain resistant to those liquids. So, when you have synthetic teak installed – you can forget about worrying about flooring even if your drunk friend spills wine or other drink on it. Well, we hope he/she doesn’t, but who knows?

Any spills with this material can be cleaned up in a matter of time.

6. Forget about Slippery Flooring

Yes, and this can be a dangerous thing too. Slipping, falling and getting an injury. Sounds like a bad idea. So, why endangering yourself, your guests, or even your kids? How about installing synthetic teak decking and forgetting about that slippery stuff? Plus, vinyl wood flooring is an ideal option for your swim platform. So, it’s really easy – install and enjoy!

7. Eco-friendly

The material we use here at Innovative Marine Coatings for boat flooring is 100% recyclable. Plus, traditional real teak wood certainly involves wood which contributes to wide scale deforestation. Not really responsible, does it? Going with synthetic boat flooring you just forget about that stuff and go green, which is, of course, a pleasant bonus.

So, installing synthetic teak decking on your boat gives you a whole bunch of advantages and ensures you’re getting 100% satisfaction from being a proud boat owner. Plus, you save on unnecessary expenses and go with solutions that don’t break the bank!

Ready to install synthetic teak decking?

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Boat detailing is a kinda of magic thing here at Innovative Marine Coatings. Not for us, of course, but for our clients. Yet, it’s amazing & pleasant indeed to see the final look and nice gloss of the boat you were working with several hours before this momentum.

Rascal is a unique motor vessel that had gelcoat on the hull oxidised and dull, with marine paint on the cabin sections also going dull and patchy.

Rascal before boat detail coating

Rascal before coating

Transom before coating

Using a gloss meter, a reading was taken on the hull in its current condition before the boat detail coating began, with a reading of 3.6% as the result…all ist no gloss whatsoever!

Gloss reading of 3.6% before

After a complete mechanical and chemical clean of the surfaces to be detailed, our high-gloss coating system was applied.

Part way through coating

Transom after coating

93.3% gloss after the coating

A fantastic result with a “wet look” high gloss coating giving an astounding 93.3% gloss reading after the detailing system was applied.  This is comparable with a brand new boat!

Call us on 1400 768 900 to discuss getting your boat detailed with us.  With locations from Syndey and Perth we would be happy to get your boat looking fantastic and protected against the Australian UV.

Boat Vinyl Wrap by 3M (metallic black and sunflower yellow colors) were used to transform faded blue and yellow gelcoat on Cobalt.

UV rays are gelcoat boats’ kryptonite. Left exposed to the sun for most of the year the wax protection on gelcoat boats will deteriorate causing the gelcoat to oxidize within a few months of application. This Cobalt boat was no exception. Its vibrant blue and yellow colours were not only damaged but also faded making it unappealing to the eye.

It’s brave to pick such bold colours in the form of gelcoat for one’s boat with the huge risk of discoloration. However with this customer’s choice of 3M Metallic Black and Sunflower Yellow in Vinyl Boat Wrap, there is no risk of oxidization making this application inexpensive and worthwhile. This leaves this customer’s boat a popular stand out with bold personality at the Marina for years ahead.

The question of “What colour should I put on my boat?” brings a limitless answer with the application of Vinyl Boat Wrap. Boat owners no longer have to choose the safe option of the colour white in fear of bolder colours fading.

Our Innovative Marine Coatings team took less than two days to transform this boat into the beauty she is now. IMC can install Vinyl Boat Wrap in the form of custom graphics, stripes and rego numbers on your boat, adding personality and distinctive style to your pride and joy.

Call us on 1300 768 900 today or email us to find out how you can avoid an expensive respray and get a stand out look for you boat.

SeaDek decking installed onto this tender boat here in the Sydney Harbour by IMC Team


Part of the installation included the CNC cutout of the boat name in the SeaDeck.
seadek-sydney  seadek-boat
Contact us if you are looking for installation of SeaDek decking on your boat

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Boat vinyl wrap applied to Sealine C330

The Sealine is a truly beautiful boat imported into Australia by Windcraft.

To give it some extra personality the new owners of this brand new C330 got it wrapped in an Avery gloss metallic blue.

boat vinyl wrap
In addition to looking great, the vinyl wrap actually protects the gelcoat from UV radiation as well, and will make looking after the boat a breeze.


vinyl wrap for boat  boat vinyl wrap sydney
vinyl wrap a boat  vinyl wrap boat hull

To inquire about having your boat vinyl wrapped contact us on

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How boat vinyl wrap helped transform this Fjord 40


vinyl wrap on boat
This beautiful boat started out as a bright metallic orange, and was transformed into this stealthy looking matte gray with black highlights by the IMC team.

boat vinyl wrap sydney
Vinyl wrapping your boat can be up to 1/3 of the cost of a boat respray, especially for the larger boats.

Down time is also minimised, with the wrap on this boat being completed in just 2.5 days.

vinyl wrap for boat


If you are looking to change the colour of your boat and would like to see the vast range of colours and textures available, contact us on

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Why Apply Boat Vinyl Wraps?

Learn More

In total 90 square meters of Nuteak synthetic teak decking was laid on this aluminum charter catamaran for this client.

Templates were taken of the decks, then the decks were assembled in sections on the ground.

Due to the size of the area, 60mm wide material was chosen, with a 60mm margin board around the edges.


The deck installation included 22 steps.


If you are looking for a maintenance free teak deck for your charter or pleasure boat contact us on

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Email us at enquiries@imcoating.com

The gelcoat on this boat was badly marked and oxidised. The oxidation is normally most noticeable on the coloured gelcoat sections where it was turning white.

After removing the oxidation and most of the marks, scuffs and scratches the high-gloss boat detailing system was applied.

Using this system to detail gives a long-lasting gloss finish, as well as sealing the gelcoat making it easier to wash, and protecting it from UV radiation.
Call us on 1300 768 900 or send us an email to talk to someone about getting your boat detailed in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or other centres around Australia.

Our unique boat detailing system means this wake boat gets to look new again!

This Malibu Wakesetter came to us in Sydney with heavy oxidation on the gelcoat, causing fading of the colours.  Also the usual collection of marks and scuffs that come along with general use of a boat.

 First we clean and clean and clean to remove all oxidation, staining and contaminants.

Next, the high-gloss coating system is applied to the gelcoat, giving the 92% gloss level (brand new boats are around 92-95) that you see here.

Once the coating system has cured for 24 hours the boat can be used, and after 2 weeks when the system has fully cured, normal boat detailing systems can be used to wax and clean the boat.

And, even better, a high-gloss coating can usually be done for the same or sometimes less than a normal detail, but it lasts FAR longer!  These systems have lasted in our Australian conditions for over two years, and still look literally like the day they were done.  We recommend a re-coating every 12-24 months to maintain the coat.

Did we meantion that the coating seals the gelcoat, making it easier to keep clean, and also has a high level of UV protection to stop your gelcoat from degrading in the sun?

Call us on 1300 768 900 to discuss getting your boat looking awesome, or our vinyl boat wrap solutions.


Save on boat maintenance costs today

Look better longer…that is our mission for our customer’s boat maintenance…

How do our solutions actually save you money on your boat maintenance costs though, and is quality compromised for these cost savings?   Here is a quick look at how each of our solutions are tailored to not only save you money, but make your boat look better than a conventional solution:

High-Gloss Coating System:   For an average 40ft boat our coating system would cost around $2,400 for the hull which would eliminate the need for buffing and polishing or re-application for 1-2 years depending on the original condition.   This would save around $5k – $10k in detailing costs over that time period.   More on why a boat detailing using a high-gloss coating.

Saving at least
using our detailing system

Boat Detailing Four Winns H310124

Synthetic Teak Decking:   Generally 25% cheaper to install up front than real teak decking, but the synthetic teak decking is maintenance free and comes with a 10 year warranty for commercial use, or 20 years for non-commercial.   Maintenance on a real teak deck needs to be carried out around once every three months, therefore a synthetic teak can save you up to 80 maintenance interventions.  More on why a synthetic teak decking.

upfront + no maintenance!

Vinyl Boat Wraps: For boats above 30 feet, the cost of a vinyl wrap can be up to 1/3 the cost of a respray, and far less inconvenient with many full boat wraps being able to be done in 2-3 days.   Vinyl wrapping also eliminates the need for cutting and buffing, lasts up to 7 years with care, and is easily repairable should the boat be damaged. Custom graphics and printing allows for corporate branding to be applied boosting the company profile.  More on why a vinyl boat wrap vs a boat respray.
Saving up to
over a boat respray

Four Winns with Red and Silver Pinstripe and Boot Stripe

Ready to find out more?

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Boat Pinstripes - Four Winns

Vinyl Wrapping gives full colour change on this Four Winns without a costly respray

Watch as this blue and brown Four Winns H310 undergoes a transformation.

Using a 3M Gloss Black Metallic high-quality vinyl wrap with red and silver pinstripes, this boat was transformed from old and faded to new without a costly respray.

Vinyl wrapping your boat has many benefits, as it helps protect the gelcoat, and eliminates the need for constant cutting and polishing. Vinyl wrap is also easily repaired should you hit something…far easier than blowing in a section with paint.

The owner of this boat liked the boat and bought it second-hand, but just didn’t like the colour.   At first, he started to inquire about a respray, when the staff at White Bay (Sydney Harbour Boat Storage) suggested that he contact us at Innovative Marine Coatings about vinyl wrapping.

On top of the vinyl wrap, we also completed a high-gloss coating (similar to boat detailing, just using a coating system).

Boat Detailing Four Winns H310122 Boat Detailing Four Winns H310124


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Vinyl Boat Wrap of a 50ft Sydney to Hobart Yacht with Sponsor Branding

New vinyl boat wrap has been used by us to rebrand this 50ft racing yacht known as “Funnelweb” to “Climate Action Now”.

The design includes a post-it-note section 7m back on each side of the bows that contain notes from international supporters of the climate change awareness campaign being run by the owner and skipper, Lisa Blair.

Lisa circumnavigated the world in the 2011-12 Clipper Round the world Yacht Race and sailing in the ITL Solo Tasman Challenge from New Zealand to Australia.

After completing the Sydney to Hobart race, Lisa is setting out to become the first female to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted.  Lisa will become the third person in history toachieve such a challenge.

Find out more about Lisa’s campaign at Lisa Blair Sails the World
Vinyl Yacht Wrap 50ft Climate Action Now122
The vinyl wrap took place with the yacht in the water, thanks to the ability to lean the boat over with the internal water ballast tanks.  Over the course of two days, the yellow hull has got a new look!    The corporate branding on the back includes a note by us of course…just to let you know who made the boat look so stunning! 🙂
Vinyl Yacht Wrap 50ft Climate Action Now133

Innovative synthetic teak deck solution for your swimming pool that doesn’t require maintenance, and doesn’t break the bank!

This beautiful home here in Sydney was getting a new swimming pool installed, and were after a teak deck.   A real teak deck however was going to be exceptionally expensive, so the owners went looking for another solution.

That is when they came across us, and our NuTeak synthetic teak deck solution.   After coming over to inspect a product sample, the owners made the decision that synthetic teak was the way to go, and went ahead with getting NuTeak installed all around the new pool and spa.


Pool Stairs in Synthetic Teak with Bullnose
Pool Stairs in Synthetic Teak with Bullnose

Why Synthetic Teak vs Natural Teak?

There are many reasons why synthetic teak is an excellent choice for going around your swimming pool or spa.   Firstly, it looks (and feels) exceptionally realistic.   Secondly, it costs far less to install.   Thirdly, it is maintenance free meaning you don’t need to sand or oil it to keep it looking good…you just enjoy…

NuTeak synthetic teak is a marine grade product used on many boats all around the world, and with good success on pleasure craft up to large cruise boats, around commercial swimming pools and even outside buildings on pathways where a nautical look is desired.

Swimming Pool Synthetic Teak Decking Sydney119

Would you like the same teak decking done?

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Full Colour Change – No Respray required for this Four Winns H310

How did we do it?  …With a vinyl boat wrap

This Four Winns H310 needed some love…and some new colours.   The blue gelcoat on the sides of the hull were faded, and the brown gelcoat on the top sides was simply ugly. Time for a vinyl boat wrap session!

First, we repaired the scratches and dings so these would not show up under the new skin.  We then cleaned and prepared the surface, including the removal of several fittings to allow for a neater finish.

We then did a full colour change with a 3M gloss black metallic vinyl wrap.   This boat never looked so good, but the customer’s choice of red and silver strips was perfect.

See a short video here of the vinyl wrap being applied, and a final finished photo:

Vinyl boat wrapping has definite advantages:

Firstly, a vinyl wrap cuts down your boat detailing costs, as the vinyl just needs to be kept clean, and doesn’t need constant cutting and polishing.

Secondly, a vinyl wrap is easy and cost-effective to repair should your boat take a hit

Thirdly, a vinyl boat wrap gives you options and textures that are simply not available in paint…like brushed metal or carbon fibre for example…or a custom graphic print for looks or sponsorship advertising.

Find more benefits of a vinyl boat wrap here.

Contact us here to speak to one of us about designing your boat the way you want it to look with a vinyl boat wrap, synthetic teak deck or high-gloss boat detailing.




Synthetic teak deck – maintenance free, realistic teak deck on your boat

The owner of this Signature 240 decided to get Nuteak installed on the swim platform of his boat as a realistic alternative to teak.   Not only does it now look very realistic, but it is non-slip, comes with a 20 year product warranty and is completely maintenance free.

Nuteak is the synthetic teak deck solution that we used, as it is simple to assemble and has an extremely realistic feel and look, while being fully UV stabilised to prevent colour change over the years.


We do get a kick out of seeing boats get transformed for the better.  Below is a sequence of photos as the boat got taken from a standard gel-coat non-skid deck through to a beautiful Nuteak synthetic teak showing the installation process.



Ready to get synthetic teak deck installed?

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PROMETHEUS gets a boat vinyl wrap transformation on her Superstructure

Rather than perform an expensive respray on Prometheus, the owner of this beautiful luxury charter yacht chose to get our Sydney team to wrap the superstructure in 3M vinyl instead.

The Gloss Metallic Silver Aluminium was a perfect match to his existing paint, which was failing and starting to peel off.   These sections we were able to just remove the loose paint, and wrap over.

One of the main benefits the owner saw in having us wrap Prometheus over just the cost savings, was the zero down-time of the boat while it was wrapped.   Why zero, because we worked in with the owner, and could do sections of wrapping on the days when the boat wasn’t booked for a charter.   Compared to the weeks that would be required to strip down and respray the boat, this equated to a massive increase in earnings and decrease in customer disappointment….very important for a busy charter service.

Preparing the surface
Preparing the surface

Vinyl Wrap of Garage Door

Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat33

Application of Vinyl on Brow above Windows

Applying the vinyl
Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat26

And a last minute interior design save

Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat77
Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat78

This time it was a zodiac with a epoxy-cork floor that was delaminating and lifting in sections.

We removed most of the cork decking, built a Nuteak synthetic teak deck on site in Melbourne, and installed it for the customer…all in three days!

Carbonix is a manufacturer of high-quality carbon fibre boats and drones, and recently asked Innovative Marine Coatings to wrap a carbon fibre A Class Catamaran for them.

The wrap of choice was 3M’s G120 gloss metallic aluminium.

Enjoy some photos below!


Wrap in progress



Does your boat need a bit a love before Summer?

A boat detailing perhaps, or a new synthetic teak decking?  Perhaps a new colour with a marine Vinyl Wrap?

Contact us on 0432 671 403 or 1300 768 900, or send us a message at enquiries@imcoating.com



We use high-quality gloss coatings, that have been tested in Australian conditions and proven over 3 years to be trustworthy and very effective.

Find out more about our boat detailing solutions here.



Have you thought of a vinyl wrap on your vessel?   Many don’t realise what a fantastic option this is to a respray.   We have all seen the wake boats or fishing boats with great graphics down the side, but that is not the only use.

Your yacht, superyacht, charter boat, commercial or fishing boat can have a colour change with the vast range of colours.

See all the options for vinyl boat wrapping and the benefits here

More on exterior vinyl boat wraps here


Need to upgrade the looks of your decks, external or internal?

More information about synthetic decking materials here

Contact us on 1300 768 900 for an obligation free talk about what your boat needs to get ready for summer!


We often get asked what synthetic teak can withstand

Can it withstand red wine without getting a permanent stain?  What about a heavy impact…will it dent?  What about octopus ink and fish blood?

To find our for our customers, and for ourselves, we did a few tests and took a video so you can watch with us.

Watch it here:

HEAT RESISTANCE:  For the heat resistance, we heated the sample up to around 130 C, where no damage seemed apparent. However, up to around 200 C, the surface did become a bit glossy.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE:  For the Chemical Resistance test, we used Lacquer Thinners and Acetone. The acetone did dissolve the product slightly, so we would recommend keeping this away from your deck.

KITCHEN TEST:  The Kitchen Test used beetroot and Soy Sauce. These washed off after sitting on the deck for 10 minutes no problem.

DRUNK FRIEND TEST:  Finally, for the Drunk Friend Test we used red wine and a hammer. The red wine washed off after 10 minutes no problem. A flat hammer strike showed no adverse effect, while an angled hammer strike did leave a small impression.


NuTeak has an astounding 20 year warranty for non-commercial use, and 10 years for commercial use.

To find out more and to purchase for the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island region, contact us


Installation Instruction Video for NuTeak CFLOR Indoor Decking (Synthetic Timber)

This is a brilliant video courtesy of Nuteak Northwest that shows step-by-step how to install a synthetic indoor decking for your boat, restaurant or countless other situations where you need a waterproof, hard-wearing timber-look interior floor.

CFLOR is the interior version of decking made by the same company that makes the exterior Nuteak synthetic teak decking.   CFLOR interior decking is specifically made for the marine industry, but as mentioned above, it has found it’s way into commercial buildings as well where a waterproof marine timbre look was required.

Click here for more photos of CFLOR interior marine grade decking.

For an obligation free estimate of what it would cost to have your yacht, commercial building or home fitted with this high-grade material, or to simply purchase the material in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, please contact us.


Boat Detailing the Smart Way!

Blue Eyes Sydney got a High-Gloss Coating which dramatically improved the gloss and appearance of the gelcoat, while also reducing time spent washing and scrubbing the boat, and eliminated the need for regular cutting and polishing the traditional boat detailing way.

Watch how impressed the customer was with the job, including a varnish job we completed:

If your gelcoat or marine paint could do with some loving, contact us and let us help.

Self-Healing clear films are one of the reasonably new technologies that are showing excellent results for the marine market.

As you with commercial or private boats know, the areas around where people’s feet go such as toe or kick rails, the back of steps or bottom of cabin superstructures often get attacked by peoples shoes as they stumble their way around the deck of a rolling pitching boat.

Protecting these areas with self-healing clear film makes a lot of sense, and can provide an extra layer of protection if you have used a vinyl boat wrap to change the colour of your boat or just protect what you have from UV and ageing.

This short video does a stain, scratch and rub test comparison on three different types of self-healing clear films – 3M Scotchgard Pro Series, XPEL Ultimate PPF & SunTek PPF.  Check out how clear film protection for boats can help you keep ship-shape!

What are your thoughts?   Excited about the work this could save you on your motor boat or yacht?

Leave us a comment below, or contact us to inquire about how you can get clear film protection on your boat.

How to save yourself a respray with a faster, long-lasting vinyl boat wrap

This Sea Ray 315 was in desperate need of a colour change, as the gel coat was oxidised and fading.  Rather than go looking for an option for boat painting, this customer came to us for a quick, cost effective and long-lasting solution.

The Innovate Marine Coatings team took on the challenge, and wrapped this boat in just two days, using an Indigo Blue vinyl wrap by Avery.  Generally we use 3M products, but in this case Avery had the exact colour the customer was after so he selected this.  Oh, and by the way, this was far quicker and cheaper than a full boat respray, and we could do it on-site for the customer while his boat was undergoing maintenance.

Before the vinyl boat wrapping begins
Before the vinyl boat wrapping begins
Vinyl hung ready to start application
Vinyl hung ready to start application
Indigo Blue vinyl wrap completed
Indigo Blue vinyl wrap completed

Vinyl wrapping is a great way to bring your boat up to scratch, ready for sale, or to protect your boat when new so that after 7 years, you can remove or replace the vinyl wrap and have a new boat underneath.

We clean the hull to ensure all contaminants, waxes and oils are removed to assist adhesion of the vinyl film.

Call the team at Innovative Marine Coatings today on 1300 768 900 to discuss how you can quickly and cost effectively get a custom marine vinyl wrap for your boat, and get the look that you (or your spouse) always wanted.

3M Writes Article about Innovative Marine Coating completing a Vinyl Boat Wrap which features at the Sydney International Boat Show

3M has written up a short article on the Sealine C330 that Innovative Marine Coatings wrapped for Team Windcraft.

Sealine C330 with Gold Metallic Gloss vinyl boat wrap

Sealine C330 with Gold Metallic Gloss 3M vinyl boat wrap


The Sealine C330 is a stunning craft, featured right at the entry point to the marina at the Sydney International Boat Show.

Team Windraft (Eyachts) turned to Innovative Marine Coatings to apply the film just as the boat arrived into Sydney, Australia ready for the show.


Before application of they vinyl boat wrap

The team at IMC did an amazing job and got the boat completed with several guys and a rather long day.


The IMC team applies and trims the vinyl film

Team Windcraft will be offering the option of vinyl wrapping on their boats moving forward, and are very impressed with the results on this Sealine, with the second one booked in for an Anthracite Gloss wrap shortly.

Article:  3M Full Article on Innovative Marine Coatings Vinyl Boat Wrap

How To Install NuTeak Synthetic Teak Decking

We like NuTeak as a synthetic teak decking option for 3 main reasons:

  • QUALITY – It is made out of UV stabilised material with a 20 year manufacturer warranty
  • REALISTIC LOOK – NuTeak really does look the part.  It even has a fluffy “newly sanded” feel
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION – NuTeak doesn’t need any specialist equipment to assemble and install.  It’s tongue-and-groove system allows for easy assembly

Watch this short video on how a NuTeak synthetic teak deck is measured, assembled and installed

Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation

How to Install Nuteak Synthetic Teak Decking

Marine grade synthetic teak decking by NuTeak can be installed reasonably easily if you have good skills and patience.

We offer the following three ways for you to get a low-maintenance NuTeak decking system for yourself:

1. DIY – You buy the material from us and complete the installation yourself


2. Semi-DIY – You cut out the templates on the brown paper we send you, and we will make up the synthetic teak deck and edging strips all for you


3. We Install – We conduct the complete installation for you, which can include surface preparations


Nuteak Installation Videos

These are two very helpful synthetic teak installation videos kindly made by Nuteak installers in the USA showing the complete process from start to finish. 


The recommended pattern material and tools to use are:

  • Hortcover (best) or Clear Builders Plastic (available at Bunnings)
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker

1. Lay template material out over the deck and secure in place with tape. Make holes in the plastic where necessary and trim the sides to fit so you can tape down over the holes so the material is as smooth and as flat as possible.

2. With the permanent marker, mark the shape of the deck on the plastic template material, you can use the edge of the non-skid pattern or to the size you desire. Use a pencil or Peel off the Crayon label and put it on its side over the plastic and rub on the perimeter of the nonskid pattern of your deck to copy the pattern on the plastic template. Write how far you want to offset to the outside of the tracing (usually 6 to 18mm). (If you are using the nonskid as a guide, check to see if it does follow the edges the way you want.)


3. Mark the direction of the planks on each template with a straight edge. If you had to glue plastic template together for large areas, draw a few lines crossing over both papers so In the event the pieces were to separate, we would know the location. Do not cut out the hatches. Write down useful information on the template. For example: 3” diameter. Mark reference lines from one template to the other and name them alphabetically. For example if you have a step to the cockpit that you would like the plank lines to match, draw a straight line from one to the other template and name it “A” on both templates where they meet. The next alignment line would be called “B” and so on.
Because Patterns that are long and narrow do not retain their alignment, a straight line must be drawn using a straightedge down the length of the pattern (use 2 lines if needed) so that we can re-align the pattern.  This line also serves to align the planking when assembled so it runs parallel  down the boat.

4. Please write your name and the make and model of your boat including your phone number. Also e-mail photos of the areas you wish to cover; this would help our staff greatly!

Check list:

  • Have you checked the template accuracy, especially around corners, fittings and hatch areas?
  • Have you marked the direction of the planks on every template?
  • Have you marked reference lines between decks?
  • Have you marked a straight line on long and narrow patterns?
  • Have you written down your name and contact details?

If you answered yes and are satisfied with your effort, roll it up and send it to us, we will do the rest.

We are continuously updating our pattern making instructions so any feedback you can give us will be greatly appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to call us. We are looking forward to assist you with any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping you build your maintenance free NuTeak deck.

Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation19
Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation7
Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation1


Once you have assembled your Nuteak deck, or purchased a pre-assembled deck, here are the steps to follow during the installation:

  • Abrade the deck surface to ensure adhesion of the glue
  • Deck surface to be vacuumed and wiped clean
  • New panel laid on deck, checked for fit, and marked around with pencil
  • Masking tape applied 5mm outside of pencil line
  • Back of Nuteak wiped down thoroughly with acetone and abraded near edges to ensure adhesion
  • Spread Fixteck Fix3 glue with 2.3mm V-notch trowel ensuring to fill up any cavities, and get the glue all the way to the inside edge of the tape
  • When deck laid, ensure:
    • All caulking lines line up between different sections
    • Deck is in the correct position on all edges and hatches
    • Caulking lines are straight (check with a straight edge or laser) or if following a curve, that any straight sides are straight
  • Roll down deck hard and thoroughly with roller, working from the inside towards the ends to push all air pockets out the ends. Place 12mm or thicker MDF board on the deck to stand on. Do not stand directly on the deck otherwise dents will be formed in the glue from your feet.
  • Remove masking tape and clean up excess glue around edges with Mineral Turpentine
  • Place 6mm MDF sheets over the deck, and weight down with water buckets ensuring especially that edges are held down
  • Remove weights and boards after 2-3 days
  • Caulk around edges if required
  • Enjoy your new synthetic teak deck!

Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation11
Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation23
Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation17
Synthetic Teak Nuteak Template and Installation18

Recent work

Natural teak vs. Flexiteek vs. Nuteak

Many people like the traditional timber teak feel, but teak timber is getting harder and harder to get, and more expensive in the process.

Not to mention the additional upkeep and maintenance that a teak deck requires.   After awhile, many seem sorry to have it.

Synthetic teak decking however is maintenance free, and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.  It is close enough to the original real teak feel and colour to fool most, and now that the UV stabilisation has been figured out in Flexiteek and Nuteak, there is no longer a problem with it getting darker and hotter in the sun over time.

Both can be sanded with 40 grit sandpaper, which brings back the original finish if for any reason you get a hard stain or damage.

Grey and traditional teak colour samples.

Underside of the Flexiteek-sample

Source: http://www.sydolphindance.com/2012/11/natural-teak-vs-flexiteek.html


Interior Design changes for boats using 3M Vinyl

Did you know that you often don’t have to completely remodel the inside of your boat your yacht by completely ripping out all the furniture and replacing it?

This is an excellent video by Andy Stilin on how 3M DI-NOC internal vinyl wrap is used to update the inside of a Hilton hotel.

With many different finishes including wood, stone, marble, gloss colours and textured finishes to choose from, you really will be blown away with the options available to you.

Call us on 1300 768 900 to talk to one of our experts, or send us a quick message below and one of us will call you:


Vinyl Yacht Wrapping for a Chrome Finish – Boat Respray Alternative

Brilliant video on a chrome look vinyl boat wrap by yacht-wraps.com.

Vinyl Wrap in Chrome

Vinyl yacht wrapping is a great way to refinish your yacht, superyacht, or motorboat that has many benefits including longevity, ease of repair, cost, protection and the simplicity of a change.

Find our more about our internal and external vinyl boat wraps solutions.

Call us on 1300 768 900 to talk to one of our experts about getting your boat wrapped or send us a quick message below and we will contact you:


Sunseeker Martinique 39 gets a “respray” with a vinyl hull wrap

Below is a brilliant video by YBWTV interviewing an owner of a Sunseeker Martinique 39 on why he chose a vinyl wrap, some of the process of it happening, and what he thought of it afterwards.

Vinyl wrapping is a great alternative to a full hull respray on your boat, whether it be a Sunseeker, Sea Ray, Maritimo, Wellcraft motor boat or something like a Beneteau sailing yacht.

See some details on our vinyl boat wrapping solutions, as well as our interior design solutions for boats as well.

Call us on 1300 768 900 to talk to one of our specialists about having your boat wrapped, or send us your contact details on the form below and we will contact you:


A solution that will knock your socks off!  Vinyl boat wrapping instead of an expensive boat respray.


A great video by Luca-design showing some great before/after shots of boats that have been vinyl wrapped, really showing the excellent result achieved and highlighting that you don’t need to spend thousands on painting your boat anymore!  3M Vinyl Wrap Films will last up to 7 years, just as long as a paint job, but costs far less fully applied.

Blue boat that needs a paint respray gets a vinyl wrap

Degraded gelcoat in bad need of a respray gets a vinyl wrap

Blue boat that needs a paint respray gets a vinyl boat wrap

Vinyl wrap with boat blue in progress

Blue boat that needs a paint respray gets a vinyl boat wrap

The completed vinyl wrap in this yacht looks stunning!

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Brilliant video giving informative detail about how an external vinyl wrap is applied to your boat.

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Phil at Cockatoo Island Marine Centre wanted to add a new look to this old Savage 26 boat without the expense of a marine paint respray.

A matte aluminium-look 3M Vinyl Wrap with an expected lifespan of 7 years ended up being the answer, and so the team at Innovative Marine Coatings  prepared the surface and installed the wrap.

Watch the video below showing footage of the boat as the vinyl boat hull wrap takes place right here in Sydney


Perhaps you want to stand out from the crowd or catch the eye with corporate branding across your boat?  Innovative Marine Coatings can also do custom graphics on your wrap, and give you that unique look you wanted.

Vinyl boat wrapping has many benefits over a respray.  Imagine the cost of getting even just a simple metallic marine paint on your vessel, let along custom boat graphics.

Does the vinyl protect the surface?  Yes it does!  Many people get their boat vinyl wrapped from new, to ensure that it is protected from the harsh Australian sun.  Find answers to more FAQs about Boat Vinyl Wraps here



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This Cranchi deck was in very poor condition, and the owner was searching for a replacement solution when he found out about our Synthetic Teak offer.

As you would guess, he was very impressed with the results, and the positive change it has made to the appearance and age of his boat.

Synthetic teak does not require maintenance, costs less, and doesn’t crack, split and break down like original teak timber deckings do.

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3M DI-NOC vinyl used to renovate marine interior

Have you been looking for a way to renovate your boat interior?  A way to change the look of your fittings and furniture without the downtime and expense of a major re-fit?

We use 3M DI-NOC Interior Films for the highest quality marine interior refinishing.

As you can see in this short video, we can take an out-of-fashion yacht interior and in a short amount of time, give it a complete new modern look.

If you are wondering about damage, don’t worry….DI-NOC is especially made for this application, and if severe damage was to happen, it is repairable…just like if your furniture didn’t have a vinyl wrap.  In fact, your vinyl wrap is protecting your interior fittings from the most common damage, ensuring that you are able to maintain a higher re-sale value if you ever choose to part with your boat.


Smart Boat Detailing with a High – Gloss Coating

Angus gives you an inside look into how we do a gelcoat restoration on a white Cranchi in Sydney, Australia.

This gelcoat was quite faded and in poor condition before.  Have a look at the time-lapse and see the change occur.

High-gloss coatings are taking over from the traditional boat detailing methods of cutting, polishing and waxing simply because the result is far superior, and last far longer.

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Boat Detailing the Smart Way – Andy from JBW reviews our High-Gloss Coating

How do you bring back the gloss on marine paint once it starts to loose it’s lustre after a few years of sun exposure?  We will show you how we do it at International Marine Coatings using a tough, durable, and long-lasting two-pack solution supplied and installed by our trained team of specialists.

This is feedback from Andrew Copley of JBW in Jones Bay, Sydney.  The first section we did more than 3 months ago on the front of the cabin and top sections is still looking perfect, so Andrew has just gone ahead and got the rest of the outer cabin areas coated.

We use solutions that are specially formulated for the marine industry.  In Australia, many systems don’t last as long as boat owners would want, probably due to the high levels of UV we experience.

Our coating systems have been tested for Australian conditions and have the highest level of UV protection possible, which is ensuring that the coating does not break down, but instead not only enhances the gloss, but protects the paint and lengthens the life before a costly respray.

These gloss meter readings show that before the IMC207 coating system was applied, we had a gloss reading of 30.4 GU (gloss units out of 100).  After the International Marine Coatings system was applied, the gloss went up to a massive 94.4 GU!

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International Marine Coatings uses IMC107 specially adapted for gelcoat restoration and protection.

The two-pack system provides a clear coat of superior hardness, which in turn provides UV protection which is greatly needed in the harsh Australian conditions.

Tested in Australia for 2 years, International Marine Coatings systems are bringing exciting new technology into the country. Gone are the days of slow and labour-intensive cut and polish techniques, which last for a fraction of the time of an IMC coating system, and cost roughly the same.

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