Biocide Free Anti-Fouling Vinyl | RENOLIT Dolphin S |

RENOLIT DOLPHIN S – A Biocide Free Anti-Fouling vinyl underwater wrap. This solution has several benefits.

The Team at Innovative Marine Coatings Will Only Ever Recommend a Product We Truly Believe In.

Here’s Why We Think You’ll Love It…

SELF CLEANING – Cleans itself above 7 knots

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Silicone coating gives low-resistance


LONG LIFESPAN – Up to 5 year lifespan


Firstly, RENOLIT Dolphin S is the perfect solution to anti-fouling paint. The product is completely biocide-free and carefully crafted. Renolit is made using high-quality, fluoro-polymer fouling release film. This is an extremely high quality silicone layer, in contrast to others available on the market.

Renolit Dolphin S is a great alternative to toxic paints that are harmful to the environment.

Also, the RENOLIT Dolphin S fouling release alternative provides amazing protection to the surfaces of hulls. It also provides protection to offshore power generation plants such as tidal power stations, wind turbines and windmill pillars. This includes protection to both fresh and salt water areas for up to five years.

Additionally, the Fouling Release technology creates an incredibly smooth finish to the surface of all vessels. In fact, because the surface is so smooth, organisms experience a lot of difficulty attaching themselves to the hull!

They simply slide off when the vessels are moving (above 7 knots). This means the surface of your vessel remains completely smooth, with lower fuel consumption and water resistance. The benefits of this technologically advanced film are truly amazing!

Another reason to choose biocide free anti-fouling vinyl: It’s a highly resilient and durable solution for your boat. Also, life spans are estimated up to five years before any reapplication is necessary! How awesome is that? We think so.

In addition, this film is environmentally friendly and cost effective. The amazing strength and resilience of this film will allow you to focus on enjoying your boat. So, you can finally worry less about what’s going on below the water line!

Finally, we believe that all these benefits are all the reason you need to make the switch. It’s a superior film, without a doubt. You deserve the best protection for your vessel.

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