Boat Detailing Solution that Lasts Longer and Looks Better, Seriously! Flamingo Sailing Vessel in Sydney Case Study

Boat detailing with high gloss coating on yacht

Boat detailing with wax and polish has been replaced

High-gloss coatings for your boat detailing protect your gelcoat or marine paint from UV, last longer (often over 2 years) and make your boat easy to clean. Here at IMC we know that it’s crucial for our clients to keep their boats in excellent condition without breaking the bank.


This finished project proves once again that high-gloss coatings is a very useful and worth installing solution for boat owners.

Flamingo is a beautiful yacht in Sydney that we detailed today right here in Sydney at Woolwich Dock.


First up, some BEFORE photos:



Some photos during the application:




And some AFTER photos:



Click here for more information on our boat detailing solutions using high-gloss coatings.

Getting your boat surface to new isn’t an easy process, but to our mind, it’s more important to combine both quality and price, so that your “renewed” boat does not break the bank.

Here at IMC, we’re really proud of being able to provide top notch services at a very reasonable price and with outstanding quality.

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