Boat Detailing Solution for this Malibu Wakesetter with a High-Gloss Coating

Our unique boat detailing system means this wake boat gets to look new again!

This Malibu Wakesetter came to us in Sydney with heavy oxidation on the gelcoat, causing fading of the colours.  Also the usual collection of marks and scuffs that come along with general use of a boat.

 First we clean and clean and clean to remove all oxidation, staining and contaminants.

Next, the high-gloss coating system is applied to the gelcoat, giving the 92% gloss level (brand new boats are around 92-95) that you see here.

Once the coating system has cured for 24 hours the boat can be used, and after 2 weeks when the system has fully cured, normal boat detailing systems can be used to wax and clean the boat.

And, even better, a high-gloss coating can usually be done for the same or sometimes less than a normal detail, but it lasts FAR longer!  These systems have lasted in our Australian conditions for over two years, and still look literally like the day they were done.  We recommend a re-coating every 12-24 months to maintain the coat.

Did we meantion that the coating seals the gelcoat, making it easier to keep clean, and also has a high level of UV protection to stop your gelcoat from degrading in the sun?

Call us on 1300 768 900 to discuss getting your boat looking awesome, or our vinyl boat wrap solutions.



  1. Duncan Holmes

    I have a 25 year old hallet. it’s a metal flake with uneven patches over the deck. I have been waxing it regularly for the last 12 years and not real happy with the finish. Am I able to bring it to you to see if your treatment to make it look good again.

    1. Hey Duncan
      Absolutely mate. Sounds like a two-pack paint if it is metallic, which the product will work on as well (not just gelcoat).
      Let me know where the ski is, and I may be able to come past, or I am near Castle Hill.

  2. Tas spackman

    hey there I have a 2002 Malibu response the gel coat is just starting to wear and I have a slight brown stain on the white under the boat would you product help

    1. Absolutely mate. Just sent you an email. Depends what you mean by wear but may just be oxidation on the gelcoat?

  3. Joey Lindstrom

    I’m interested in trying out your marine coating.
    How can I purchase?

    1. Hi Joey,
      Thanks for your message. Only we are allowed to apply it unfortunately as it is under license from the manufacturer and we are not allowed to re-sell. Where are you located? Call me on 0432 671 403 to discuss.

  4. Jeff Foxman

    How much to do a wakesetter

    1. Hi Jeff
      Just emailed you. Cheers

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