Boat Detailing Success on Rascal

Boat detailing is a kinda of magic thing here at Innovative Marine Coatings. Not for us, of course, but for our clients. Yet, it’s amazing & pleasant indeed to see the final look and nice gloss of the boat you were working with several hours before this momentum.

Rascal is a unique motor vessel that had gelcoat on the hull oxidised and dull, with marine paint on the cabin sections also going dull and patchy.

Rascal before boat detail coating

Rascal before coating

Transom before coating

Using a gloss meter, a reading was taken on the hull in its current condition before the boat detail coating began, with a reading of 3.6% as the result…all ist no gloss whatsoever!

Gloss reading of 3.6% before

After a complete mechanical and chemical clean of the surfaces to be detailed, our high-gloss coating system was applied.

Part way through coating

Transom after coating

93.3% gloss after the coating

A fantastic result with a “wet look” high gloss coating giving an astounding 93.3% gloss reading after the detailing system was applied.  This is comparable with a brand new boat!

Call us on 1400 768 900 to discuss getting your boat detailed with us.  With locations from Syndey and Perth we would be happy to get your boat looking fantastic and protected against the Australian UV.

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