Boat Respray

Why respray your boat, when you can change the colour of your craft… or have an amazing graphic

All with a high-quality cast marine vinyl boat wrap. Getting a boat respray is not your only option!

Why vinyl wrap…

Vinyl wrapping can give you a custom look, protect your gel-coat, save you money, and more!

Vinyl boat wraps add value

You wrap you boat from brand new, so that it takes the UV hit from the sun for your gelcoat and protects the gelcoat, or, you wrap your faded, discoloured gelcoat and bring it to new ready for sale, or ready for years of enjoyment.

More on why vinyl wrap?

Boat resprays take longer, and are generally more expensive

On top of that, a boat respray is not a easily repaired as a vinyl, with a patch easily being able to be placed over vinyl damage.

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