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Why Choose Boat Vinyl Wraps? Watch This Short Video On The Benefits…

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Your imagination is the limit, with various finishes including textures, gloss, matte, carbon fiber, brushed metal. And then you have all the colour options as well, or the option to have a custom graphic designed and printed on the vinyl wrap before installation on your vessel. View the 3M Colour and Texture Chart (opens in new tab)

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A Vinyl Boat Wrap is easy to care for and maintain. A regular PH neutral boat wash is suitable.  Depending on the finish texture a vinyl care product can also be applied to further prolong the life. We can provide you with after-care services  Also we can provide a specialist instruction bulletin from 3M on how to care for your your vinyl boat wrap if you wish to do it yourself.

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A Vinyl Boat Wrap is generally 1/3 the cost of a professional respray of your boat.  As workshops that can handle resprays of boats are often limited, you will also save yourself the cost of transport to and from these locations.

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One concern people often have about wraps is what happens when it gets damaged?  What if you hit the wharf? Hitting the wharf is never ideal, but you will be pleased to know that marine vinyl repairs are so easy, you can do them yourself…or we are able to provide a repair service.

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You will find that a marine vinyl boat wraps is amazingly fast, with most medium size yachts and boats being able to be completed in approximately 2 days, depending on options.  This further reduces the cost and inconvenience when compared to a respray.

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boat vinyl wraps


Innovative Marine Coatings uses premium high-quality 3M Vinyl Wrap films which come with up to 7 years life expectancy…as long as a marine paint!  However, Avery Dennison and Hexis films are also available upon request.

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Vinyl boat wrapping with Innovative Marine Coatings does not require toxic chemicals or solvents, and is eco-friendly.

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3M 1080 Series Vinyl Wrap Colour Chart

3M 1080 Vinyl Wrap Colours_2015

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