Boat Window Tinting


Cuts Down UV Radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can quickly damage your boat interior.

Boat window tinting can cut down or significantly reduce the UV transmission though your windows, saving your interior materials such as vinyl or upholstery. 

Reduce Cabin Temperature

By having us install a window tint on your motorboat or yacht, you can significantly cut down internal cabin temperature in the summer.   


Ever wanted to have some privacy inside your cabin, but still a great view outside?

Boat window tinting can do just that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tint boat windows and still comply with Australian Law?

This can depend on local state regulations, and which windows.   

Windows that you need to see through to drive the motorboat or yacht are often restricted to having no tint, although sometimes a 30% tint (70% visual light transmission) is allowed.   

However, windows that are not used by the captain of the boat for viewing while driving can receive a normal tint.   

For more information see here

What is VLT?

VLT is Visual Light Transmission.   This is the amount of light that a window tint will let through.

What is the maximum legal tint I can get on my boat?

This depends on whether the captain needs to see through the window or not.   For more information see the AMSA website here

Are different types/looks of tint available?

Yes, there are several different types available including including tints that just cut UV, mirror tints and many more.   Contact us to see samples. 

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We are ready to get you boating in style and comfort, with innovative solutions such as boat window tinting to enjoy your boating experience make your boat or yacht look amazing. 

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