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Corporate Branding for Boats and Yachts

Corporate Branding for Boats and Yachts is Our Specialty.

Does your company have an event where you need your brand to be showcased for it on your charter boat? Whether it’s a brand or product launch, we can do it all. Whether it’s a special or corporate event; Innovative Marine Coatings specialize in corporate branding for boats and yachts.

Firstly, we understand how important it is to have your brand visible everywhere. Even on the water. That’s why we take corporate branding for boats and yachts so seriously!

Our team take pride in our professional approach. We have a keen awareness of the importance of delivering on time for all events. So, we make it super simple to get your boat looking amazing for any occasion or event.

The Innovative Marine Coatings team are highly trained and extremely passionate about marine assets.

Also, all of our graphics are completely customizable. This means that we can re-create any logo, graphic or design your imagination can entertain. We can create any graphic or logo for you with ease.

Additionally, we have a fast turnaround and ensure that it is installed to your boat or yacht on time. We apply your logo or graphics with absolute precision.Graphics are quickly and easily removed after the event.

We make the process extremely easy working with all the major charter event companies to arrange all the details for you so we can arrange all the logistics of placing your logo design or flag on the boat and coming back again after to remove it without you needing to get involved to micro-manage the process.

All that you have to do is provide us with the design of your graphic or logo and we will bring your vision to life. That’s it. We do the rest. Corporate branding for boats and yachts has never been simpler!

Finally, we would be absolutely thrilled to hear about your next event or project. Get in touch with us to inquire about your boat or yacht today!

Phone:  1300 768 900
Email:     enquiries@imcoating.com

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