Customer Review: High Gloss Coating on Sydney Charter Boat “JBW” – Boat Detailing the Smart Way

Boat Detailing the Smart Way – Andy from JBW reviews our High-Gloss Coating

How do you bring back the gloss on marine paint once it starts to loose it’s lustre after a few years of sun exposure?  We will show you how we do it at International Marine Coatings using a tough, durable, and long-lasting two-pack solution supplied and installed by our trained team of specialists.

This is feedback from Andrew Copley of JBW in Jones Bay, Sydney.  The first section we did more than 3 months ago on the front of the cabin and top sections is still looking perfect, so Andrew has just gone ahead and got the rest of the outer cabin areas coated.

We use solutions that are specially formulated for the marine industry.  In Australia, many systems don’t last as long as boat owners would want, probably due to the high levels of UV we experience.

Our coating systems have been tested for Australian conditions and have the highest level of UV protection possible, which is ensuring that the coating does not break down, but instead not only enhances the gloss, but protects the paint and lengthens the life before a costly respray.

These gloss meter readings show that before the IMC207 coating system was applied, we had a gloss reading of 30.4 GU (gloss units out of 100).  After the International Marine Coatings system was applied, the gloss went up to a massive 94.4 GU!

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