FAQs Around Boat Detail Coatings

FAQs Around our Boat Detail Coatings

Does my boat need to be out of the water to complete the coating?

It depends on where your boat is and the areas you want to be done.   If just the cabin sections, then no, in most cases we can accommodate having your boat in the water when the coating is applied.

If the hull is to have a restorative or protective coating system, then we recommend having the boat in a protected area to prevent water coming in contact with the coating during the application, or to coordinate the coating with a time when the boat is out of the water.

How long will a coating last?

Our coating systems have been tested in Australian conditions, which is very important, as our conditions can be very harsh.   Boats that have had the coating systems on over 2 years ago are still looking amazing.   Like everything, it will last better if you keep it washed and look after it.   We recommend a re-coat after 1-2 years to build up the thickness for optimal gloss levels and UV protection.

Boat detailing with high gloss coating on yacht

What kind of coatings do you offer?

We offer two types of coating systems, each for different situations:

1- Your gel coat / marine paint is in poor condition and no wax system seems to last long or give the results required.

We would recommend our Restorative Coating process which is a hard clear coating system with a two-pack polyurethane base.   This bonds onto the gelcoat after the cleaning proceedure, and provides that “wet look” high gloss shine that everyone wants after a good boat detailing.

2- Your gel coat / marine paint is in good condition but you want it to remain that way, and protect it from the elements.

We would recommend our Marine Ceramic Coating system, often known as a nano sealant which transforms the surface of the gel coat or marine paint into a hydrophobic (water repelling) surface that naturally sheds water, as the micro pores in the surface have now been filled, making it hard for dirt and grime to get a foothold and bond to the surface.

Boat detail coating on Malibu Ski Boat in Sydney

Want us to quote up a coating system for your boat?

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