Full Colour Change on Four Winns H310 without Paint but Vinyl Wrapping

Boat Pinstripes - Four Winns

Vinyl Wrapping gives full colour change on this Four Winns without a costly respray

Watch as this blue and brown Four Winns H310 undergoes a transformation.

Using a 3M Gloss Black Metallic high-quality vinyl wrap with red and silver pinstripes, this boat was transformed from old and faded to new without a costly respray.

Vinyl wrapping your boat has many benefits, as it helps protect the gelcoat, and eliminates the need for constant cutting and polishing. Vinyl wrap is also easily repaired should you hit something…far easier than blowing in a section with paint.

The owner of this boat liked the boat and bought it second-hand, but just didn’t like the colour.   At first, he started to inquire about a respray, when the staff at White Bay (Sydney Harbour Boat Storage) suggested that he contact us at Innovative Marine Coatings about vinyl wrapping.

On top of the vinyl wrap, we also completed a high-gloss coating (similar to boat detailing, just using a coating system).

Boat Detailing Four Winns H310122 Boat Detailing Four Winns H310124


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