Full Colour Change on Four Winns H310 by Vinyl Boat Wrap – No Respray Required

Full Colour Change – No Respray required for this Four Winns H310

How did we do it?  …With a vinyl boat wrap

This Four Winns H310 needed some love…and some new colours.   The blue gelcoat on the sides of the hull were faded, and the brown gelcoat on the top sides was simply ugly. Time for a vinyl boat wrap session!

First, we repaired the scratches and dings so these would not show up under the new skin.  We then cleaned and prepared the surface, including the removal of several fittings to allow for a neater finish.

We then did a full colour change with a 3M gloss black metallic vinyl wrap.   This boat never looked so good, but the customer’s choice of red and silver strips was perfect.

See a short video here of the vinyl wrap being applied, and a final finished photo:

Vinyl boat wrapping has definite advantages:

Firstly, a vinyl wrap cuts down your boat detailing costs, as the vinyl just needs to be kept clean, and doesn’t need constant cutting and polishing.

Secondly, a vinyl wrap is easy and cost-effective to repair should your boat take a hit

Thirdly, a vinyl boat wrap gives you options and textures that are simply not available in paint…like brushed metal or carbon fibre for example…or a custom graphic print for looks or sponsorship advertising.

Find more benefits of a vinyl boat wrap here.

Contact us here to speak to one of us about designing your boat the way you want it to look with a vinyl boat wrap, synthetic teak deck or high-gloss boat detailing.



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  1. Peter Nolan

    How much was it to wrap the 310. I have a Sea Ray 270 SLX.

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