High Gloss Boat Detailing | How Is It Applied?

How A High Gloss Boat Detailing System Is Applied

We accomplish boat detailing the modern way with a high gloss boat detailing system that is hand-applied. Yes, that is correct, we don’t have to spray them on! So, this means your boat doesn’t even need to be out of the water in many cases.

high gloss boat detailing

Once the surface is thoroughly mechanically and chemically cleaned and prepared, the high-gloss solution is applied, performing an amazing transformation that lasts far longer, and does honestly look much better than a traditional boat detailing with a cut and wax polish.

The high-gloss coating actually seals the surface, making it far easier to keep your boat clean as the contaminants don’t soak into the porous gel-coat.   However, we do recommend either you or we apply a wax every few months, as this will keep the coat looking better and lasting even longer.

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