Natural Teak vs. Synthetic Teak Decking

Natural teak vs. Flexiteek vs. Nuteak

Many people like the traditional timber teak feel, but teak timber is getting harder and harder to get, and more expensive in the process.

Not to mention the additional upkeep and maintenance that a teak deck requires.   After awhile, many seem sorry to have it.

Synthetic teak decking however is maintenance free, and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.  It is close enough to the original real teak feel and colour to fool most, and now that the UV stabilisation has been figured out in Flexiteek and Nuteak, there is no longer a problem with it getting darker and hotter in the sun over time.

Both can be sanded with 40 grit sandpaper, which brings back the original finish if for any reason you get a hard stain or damage.

Grey and traditional teak colour samples.

Underside of the Flexiteek-sample



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