Nuteak CFLOR Interior Decking Solution – Installation Instruction Video


Installation Instruction Video for NuTeak CFLOR Indoor Decking (Synthetic Timber)

This is a brilliant video courtesy of Nuteak Northwest that shows step-by-step how to install a synthetic indoor decking for your boat, restaurant or countless other situations where you need a waterproof, hard-wearing timber-look interior floor.

CFLOR is the interior version of decking made by the same company that makes the exterior Nuteak synthetic teak decking.   CFLOR interior decking is specifically made for the marine industry, but as mentioned above, it has found it’s way into commercial buildings as well where a waterproof marine timbre look was required.

Click here for more photos of CFLOR interior marine grade decking.

For an obligation free estimate of what it would cost to have your yacht, commercial building or home fitted with this high-grade material, or to simply purchase the material in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, please contact us.

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