How does Nuteak Synthetic Teak compare to Real Teak decking?

Comparison of Synthetic Teak and Real Teak Decking

Comparison of Nuteak Synthetic Teak Decking with Real Teak Timber Decking

A question that comes up with our customers often is “How realistic is Nuteak synthetic teak compared to real teak timber?”.

Nuteak is incredibly realistic, with a rough texture that increases the realism and also non-skid properties.  Often when seeing the deck being installed bystanders are amazed at how real the synthetic teak actually looks.

Here is a photo of a piece of Nuteak laid on top of a normal teak deck in good condition:

Comparison of Synthetic Teak and Real Teak Decking

We have found that if the original teak is sanded, the colour match is incredibly close.   Nuteak aims to be as close to a real teak deck as possible.

The photo below is of Nuteak around a swimming pool here in Sydney, Australia.

Synthetic Teak Deck around Swimming Poo

Nuteak is available in 45mm or 60mm wide planks including the 5mm caulking line.   The most common is the double width plank, which makes assembly quicker, and uses Nuteak’s tongue and groove system to make assembly even easier.

Both white and black caulking line options are available.

Nuteak Synthetic Teak strips

Nuteak white caulking lines synthetic teak

Either if you’re interested in us installing this synthetic teak decking on your boat or installing it on your own – both of Nuteak samples above are available for purchase in our SHOP section.

Find out more about Nuteak here with 7 reasons people consider using a synthetic teak deck.

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