What are the regulations for a boat registration (rego) number in NSW

What are the restrictions for a boat rego number in NSW?

One thing we often get asked is what is allowed for boat rego numbers, how big do they have to be, what fonts are allowed, what colours are allowed, where do they have to be placed on the boat, ect.

Here are the regulations, straight from the RMS NSW website here:  http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/registration/labels-numbers-plate.html


Registration numbers

Registered vessels are assigned a registration number. This number must be displayed at all times on both sides of the hull, in figures at least 150mm high (100mm for Personal Watercraft (PWC) and sailing vessels). Sailing vessels may display their registration number on the transom.

The registration numbers must be displayed in a contrasting colour to the hull, in solid characters (not outlines), in a clear font or style and in upper case, so that they can be clearly identified.


  1. Roy Milford

    Do all boat registration numbers in NSW end with the letter “N”?

    1. Hi Roy, I believe so as all the private vessel registrations I have seen end with an “N”, even the custom ones. The commercial registrations don’t, they are just 5 numbers I believe.

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