Self-Healing Clear Film Protection for Boats

Self-Healing clear films are one of the reasonably new technologies that are showing excellent results for the marine market.

As you with commercial or private boats know, the areas around where people’s feet go such as toe or kick rails, the back of steps or bottom of cabin superstructures often get attacked by peoples shoes as they stumble their way around the deck of a rolling pitching boat.

Protecting these areas with self-healing clear film makes a lot of sense, and can provide an extra layer of protection if you have used a vinyl boat wrap to change the colour of your boat or just protect what you have from UV and ageing.

This short video does a stain, scratch and rub test comparison on three different types of self-healing clear films – 3M Scotchgard Pro Series, XPEL Ultimate PPF & SunTek PPF.  Check out how clear film protection for boats can help you keep ship-shape!

What are your thoughts?   Excited about the work this could save you on your motor boat or yacht?

Leave us a comment below, or contact us to inquire about how you can get clear film protection on your boat.

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