Testing NautikFlor Boat Flooring for Scratch Resistance

Testing NautikFlor Marine Boat Flooring for scratch and compression resistance

In this video we answer a couple of questions that often come up as our customers assess whether NautikFlor will work for them on their boat, boat brokerage, marine office, ect:

  1. Does it get damaged with high-heel shoes?
  2. How resistant is is to abrasion and scratching? 

Fair questions!  While high-heels are normally a No No on boats, it turns out that with a NautikFlor interior floor, and a Nuteak synthetic deck, you could actually allow them onboard…if you want to.

And, when things fall off the counter in that unexpected roll and skid across the floor, NautikFlor has shown itself to be pretty tough and resistant to scratching.   More resistant than a normal lacquer marine floor varnish!

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