Testing of NuTeak Synthetic Teak Decking

We often get asked what synthetic teak can withstand

Can it withstand red wine without getting a permanent stain?  What about a heavy impact…will it dent?  What about octopus ink and fish blood?

To find our for our customers, and for ourselves, we did a few tests and took a video so you can watch with us.

Watch it here:

HEAT RESISTANCE:  For the heat resistance, we heated the sample up to around 130 C, where no damage seemed apparent. However, up to around 200 C, the surface did become a bit glossy.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE:  For the Chemical Resistance test, we used Lacquer Thinners and Acetone. The acetone did dissolve the product slightly, so we would recommend keeping this away from your deck.

KITCHEN TEST:  The Kitchen Test used beetroot and Soy Sauce. These washed off after sitting on the deck for 10 minutes no problem.

DRUNK FRIEND TEST:  Finally, for the Drunk Friend Test we used red wine and a hammer. The red wine washed off after 10 minutes no problem. A flat hammer strike showed no adverse effect, while an angled hammer strike did leave a small impression.


NuTeak has an astounding 20 year warranty for non-commercial use, and 10 years for commercial use.

To find out more and to purchase for the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island region, contact us

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