Vinyl Boat Hull Wrap on Savage 26 at Cockatoo Island Marine Centre, Sydney


Phil at Cockatoo Island Marine Centre wanted to add a new look to this old Savage 26 boat without the expense of a marine paint respray.

A matte aluminium-look 3M Vinyl Wrap with an expected lifespan of 7 years ended up being the answer, and so the team at Innovative Marine Coatings  prepared the surface and installed the wrap.

Watch the video below showing footage of the boat as the vinyl boat hull wrap takes place right here in Sydney


Perhaps you want to stand out from the crowd or catch the eye with corporate branding across your boat?  Innovative Marine Coatings can also do custom graphics on your wrap, and give you that unique look you wanted.

Vinyl boat wrapping has many benefits over a respray.  Imagine the cost of getting even just a simple metallic marine paint on your vessel, let along custom boat graphics.

Does the vinyl protect the surface?  Yes it does!  Many people get their boat vinyl wrapped from new, to ensure that it is protected from the harsh Australian sun.  Find answers to more FAQs about Boat Vinyl Wraps here



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