Vinyl Boat Wrap FAQs

Answers to questions we often get asked about vinyl boat wraps:

How do I care for my vinyl boat wrap?

Your vinyl wrap makes taking care of your boat easy, requiring only to be washed with soapy water.   For a full guide on how to care your new vinyl boat wrap, download our guide here.

What do I do if my vinyl wrap gets damaged?

A vinyl boat wrap is quite sturdy, but if you do damage it, a repair can easily be made.   Depending on the colour of the vinyl wrap, repairs can often be almost invisible.   We often leave off-cuts of the vinyl on the boat just for repairs.   These can be applied by you or us.

What types of vinyl wrap can I get?

There are many, many options!  Gloss, matte, brushed metal, carbon fibre, satin, metallics…   And, of course you can go with a custom boat graphic, perfect for advertisement on commercial boats, or sponsorship on racing yachts.

Where on my boat can I vinyl wrap?

Anywhere….just not in sections that are normally underwater, as vinyl isn’t recommended for immersion.

The hull is normally wrapped from the waterline, or top of antifouling, up to the gunnel.   The superstructure can also be wrapped, with extra protection such as a self-healing 3M Scotchgard clear film in areas where impact may be experienced, such as the back of stairs or kick-rails.

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