3M Midnight Blue Vinyl Wrap on Beneteau 50

She stole the attention of boat owners on the Sydney Harbour that day. There she was wrapped in 3M Midnight Blue (1080-GP272) colours and she looked stunning. What looked like a life time of work done was recently completed in only two and a half days.

As mentioned before in previous posts, dark gel coat colors are a huge target for UV rays to damage and discolor. This customer made a sound decision to choose an inexpensive and quick wrap job before attempting to restore this gel coat colour.

Take a better look at how the IMC team did in our video at the bottom of this page.

Call 1300 768 900 or email enquiries@imcoating.com today for a quote.


Vinyl Hull Wrap of Beneteau 50 Yacht





  1. Paul

    Very pleased with the result, thank you to Angus and the team a very professional job!!! (The proud owners)

    1. Thanks Paul and Eugenie! Really glad you like it and thanks for entrusting us with your boat!

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