Why vinyl wrap your boat?

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What we can offer

IMC is a professional and efficient vinyl boat wrapping team.We use the best vinyl materials such as 3M and Avery Dennison with long lifespans that have been tested and proven on the water. Keen boaties ourselves, we take pride in our vinyl wraps and graphics placing them on our own boats too!

Standard Colour Wraps
One of our most common solutions! A full colour change on the boat, or perhaps the same colour scheme, just with a new look to cover oxidised gelcoat or paint and remove the need for cutting and polishing. Avoid an expensive marine paint job!
Matte & Metallic Wraps
This is a very popular option...be different! Metallics are a beautiful way to be slightly different from the crowd, as most boats come standard in white or blue.
Protective Film Wraps
Film technology has provided us with the options of various impact and abrasion resistant films to use on sections of the boat with high wear such as the back of steps to prevent damage, or around superyacht exhausts to make it easy to remove the smoke stains.
Boat Sponsor Logos
Whether it is just for a one-day chartered cruise or a long-term branding exercise, IMC can make your company or your sponsor stand out and be recognised
Boat Names
We love our boats, and often the names are special to us. Get it looking the way you want it with specialty films such as silver chrome in any font you want, or a custom printed name
Vinyl Striping
Pinstripes and bootstripes can make your boat look lower and longer by breaking up the side. Choose from multiple colours/widths to get the look you want!


Design Options
Your imagination is the limit, with various finishes including textures, gloss, matte, carbon fibre, brushed metal.
Cost Savings
A Vinyl Boat Wrap is generally 1/3 the cost of a professional respray of your boat.
Easy Maintenance
A Vinyl Boat Wrap is easy to care for and maintain. A regular PH neutral boat wash is suitable.
Vinyl boat wrapping with Innovative Marine Coatings does not require toxic chemicals or solvents, and is eco-friendly.
Easy repair
One concern people often have about wraps is what happens when it gets damaged? You will be pleased to know that marine vinyl repairs are so easy, you can do them yourself…or we are able to provide a repair service.
Time savings
You will find that a marine vinyl boat wraps is amazingly fast, with most medium size yachts and boats being able to be completed in approximately 2 days, depending on options.
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Why Use Us?


1- Often the boat has had an extensive refit at great expense to the engines, mast or equipment, but still looks old. By making a smarter choice and getting vinyl boat wraps, you can choose colours difficult to get (metallics) or impossible to get (carbon fibre) or expensive to get (printed graphics) in paint, and at a lower cost (typically 30-60% less) than when using a high-quality marine paint professionally applied.

2- It takes less time to apply

3- Maintenance is very simple, not requiring cutting an polishing

4- It is durable, but simple to repair if it does get damaged

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Marine Vinyl Boat Wrap is Completed in 4 Easy Steps

Applying a boat vinyl wrap is a very specialised service, and requires extra precautions and expertise over an automotive wrap to ensure that your vinyl wrap lasts and lasts.


We ensure prior to a boat vinyl wrap, that the surface to be applied to (hull or cabin) is thoroughly cleaned and prepared with an Isopropyl Alcohol. If there are gouges in the gelcoat, these can be filled and sanded prior to installation at extra cost.

In order to get high adhesion, the preparation of the gelcoat, aluminium or marine paint is a very important step in the process.


Due to the environment that boats experience, we like to take extra precaution and apply a quality 3M primer to surfaces that could benefit from extra adhesion, such as along the waterline, near edges or in concave areas where the film was placed under tension.


This is where the transformation of your yacht takes place before your eyes. After knifeless tape is laid, and the job has been planned to ensure that joins are minimised, the vinyl is laid out, the backing paper removed, the vinyl placed and then applied onto the surface of the vessel, giving the effect of a boat respray. Most people cannot tell the difference!


We use edge sealant on areas that may have water pressure, as an additional precaution to stop water ingress under the vinyl. This provides peace of mind, and a high-quality installation that lasts for years provided it is taken care of.

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