Vinyl Wrap and Boat Branding: Aluminium Catamaran

Innovative Marine Coatings Perfect an Aluminium Catamaran With Vinyl Wrap and Boat Branding (Video Below).

Firstly, at Innovative Marine Coatings, we believe that we should be able to show all boat and yacht owners out there the quality and scope of our work. Also – we love it, we really do. So, we love to capture footage of our work so you can see the amazing stuff we do for yourselves! Applying vinyl wrap and boat branding is one of our specialties. We think we did a pretty good job with this beauty. What do you think?

vinyl wrap and boat branding

Vinyl wrap and boat branding is a highly technical and specialized process. It requires delicate care in application to ensure a long life. Additionally, our team are highly trained professionals, but also amazingly passionate about marine assets. We’ve worked on countless boats and yachts. Both great and small. We believe that both our passion and experience is what makes us the best in the business. If you have been thinking of a new solution to protect and beautify your boat or yacht – we are the perfect team for the job. 

vinyl wrap and boat branding


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