Why Should You Get A Vinyl Boat Wrap? We Explore the Benefits!

Vinyl Wrap on Boat


Are you thinking about getting a vinyl wrap for your boat? Making the decision to get your beauty wrapped is fast becoming the smartest choice for boat lovers everywhere.


Vinyl wraps are widely done in Europe and the USA to have your charter boat, private boat or even superyacht vinyl wrapped. Finally it’s becoming more common in Australia and New Zealand as a way of protecting your boat. While also avoiding a costly hull or superstructure respray!

At Innovative Marine Coatings, we understand the harsh marine environment, compounded with the Australian sun. So, we use the best materials to wrap your boat that are professionally applied to last you for many years to come!

One of these materials is the 3M vinyl wrap films, as they do not de-rate their warranty for marine applications.

Vinyl boat wraps are superior to getting a paint job in a few ways. They are quite resilient, completely waterproof, fade resistant, UV resistant and block much of the UV to your hull.

They also have amazing finishes that are either expensive or unobtainable with paint.

Not to mention more cost effective as they are often 1/3 of the cost!

The two Frequently Asked Questions we get about vinyl boat wraps are these:

  1. How easily does a wrap get damaged?

    1. Honestly, a vinyl wrap is softer than paint, so is a little more prone to damage, but is easy to repair. A wrap is not very easily damaged… They can often take a fair bit of bumping. My own Adams 10 yacht is wrapped and we race it in twilight races and inshore series, so it is in and out of the marina quite often, and has survived well! Vinyl boat wraps are simple to upkeep or repair. If the vinyl wrap gets dented or scratched, there’s no need to re-wrap the whole boat as most repairs can simply be patched in.
    2. The way to look at a boat wrap is much like an iPhone cover….  If you own an expensive phone, it’s smart to buy a good quality phone cover for it. Not because you expect the phone cover to look perfect in 5-10 years – because you want it to protect the phone and make it look unique and comfortable to use in the mean time.
  2. How long does a boat wrap last?

    1. This is a bit of a how long is a piece of string answer, as it depends on a couple of things.   Obviously, a trailer boat kept under cover versus a boat on a marina is very different.  The lifespan is also dependent on whether the vinyl is kept clean or not. The two main factors considered in the 3M vinyl warranty and expected lifespan calculations are climate and angle of the film.  Australia does have a harsh climate. The additional variable is the angle of the film. Vertical film has the longest lifespan, while horizontal film has the shortest lifespan.   This isn’t unique to vinyl, but is the same for paint or gelcoat. Similarly to how car paint fails on the horizontal bits first (roof, top of doors, hood, trunk). Or how blue or red gel coat hulls fade most on the bits that are angled up, toward the sun. This is in contrast to how they look under the bow where they are shaded, which is often pretty good!  Read more about the 3M vinyl boat wrap warranty here.

Is there any design you have in mind? Do you have a custom corporate logo or brand? You can let your imagination run wild – vinyl boat wraps are fully customizable and will give your boat a fantastic, one of a kind finish.

Completely safe and environmentally friendly – vinyl boat wraps are the better choice over marine paints in many cases.

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