Vinyl Wrap of Faded Gelcoat Transom on Motor Yacht

Chalk and cheese!

This boat at Clontarf Marina had a severely oxidised gelcoat transom due to facing south and having the sun constantly beating on the transom all day.

The IMC team came to the reacue by conducting a vinyl wrap using 3M 1080 Boat Blue vinyl to jot only protect what was leaft ofnthe gelcoat, but to make it look good againand bring it back to the original colour.

With a new graphic boat name printed and placed on the stern, this beautiful boat is ready to continue to impress.

Before the wrap


After the vinyl wrap on the hull transom using 3M Boat Blue vinyl with a new boat name printed

To enquire about having your boat hull or superstructure vinyl wrapped to save you the cost of an expensive boat respray, contact us on
1300 768 900

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