Vinyl Wrap of Superstructure on Large Charter Yacht in Sydney

PROMETHEUS gets a boat vinyl wrap transformation on her Superstructure

Rather than perform an expensive respray on Prometheus, the owner of this beautiful luxury charter yacht chose to get our Sydney team to wrap the superstructure in 3M vinyl instead.

The Gloss Metallic Silver Aluminium was a perfect match to his existing paint, which was failing and starting to peel off.   These sections we were able to just remove the loose paint, and wrap over.

One of the main benefits the owner saw in having us wrap Prometheus over just the cost savings, was the zero down-time of the boat while it was wrapped.   Why zero, because we worked in with the owner, and could do sections of wrapping on the days when the boat wasn’t booked for a charter.   Compared to the weeks that would be required to strip down and respray the boat, this equated to a massive increase in earnings and decrease in customer disappointment….very important for a busy charter service.

Preparing the surface
Preparing the surface

Vinyl Wrap of Garage Door

Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat33

Application of Vinyl on Brow above Windows

Applying the vinyl
Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat26

And a last minute interior design save

Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat77
Vinyl Boat Wrap Prometheus Charter Boat78

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